Keene IR over IP Transmitters

Hi Guys, I would like to be able to send IR hex codes to my IR controlled devices throughout the house using openHAB. I have a number of Keene IR Anywhere Over IP Modules throughout the house and I am currently able to control these devices using the hex codes through OpenRemote and my tablets. Ultimately, if I can get the same hex codes to transmit through these modules using openHAB, I want to integrate the same using Alexa voice commands. Any pointers would be appreciated.


I have a couple of those IR Anywhere modules around the house.

a TX unit in a media cupboard, with Video media being distrubuted via a DVB-T2 (Freeview HD) multiplexer, so that any connected FreeView HD TV / Tuner can see the Video as just another channel.

With a couple of RX units around the house, beside the TVs, to copy the remote controls back to the cupboard.

"He who holds the remote, holds the power"

However, I’ve also setup the “Send to PC” option in the RX units so that they also send the Complete IR HEX command to a UDP port that openHAB2 listens to.
Not that I’ve done anything with it yet, but the idea was that openHAB2 could respond to the IR command too. (I could setup multiple UDP ports on openHAB2 if I wanted to know which RX units sent the command)


I’ve also got the reverse setup, so that if a UDP Item in openHAB2 gets an update, the update is sent to the UDP Port of the TX module in the media cupboard.

This works really well.

My Humax PVR is only controllable via IR.

So I captured all of the IR HEX codes using the UDP port in openHAB2.

Copied the Hex code to a button in HabPanel that pushes the code in to the outgoing UDP Item.

SO now I have a copy of my Humax remote in HabPanel.

Does that hep you?

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I guess what you’re looking for is a way to expose these HEX codes to Alexa.

One option might be to have a rule that monitors the “Alexa, LastCommand” channel, then match instructions to HEX codes to post to an outgoing UDP Item.

Something like matching the text “Turn TV to Channel 19” might cause a series of UDP commands like

Set TV source to Broadcast (Digital TV input)
Send Number “1”
Send Number “9”
Send “OK”

Thanks Stuart, I’ll take a closer look and get back. I’ll switch my future responses to the IR Devices thread (IR devices control). Thanks again.