[SOLVED] Blu-ray Player remote with OpenHab

Hi there,

did somebody manage to operate a Blu-ray player with OpenHab?
If yes, how ? Model ? Binding ? or Http ?



I have a Samsung BluRay player, that works really well with the Denon AVR-X amp I have, which uses CEC between themselves.

For control via openHAB2, I have had to roll back to an IR Blaster and the UDP binding.

It works rather well.

The details of how I have done this (with my Humax PVR, which ONLY works via IR) can be found here

Does this help?


Other links

Sony bluray/dvd players are supported by the sony addon. I’ve been using it for my sony bdp-s3700 and UBP-X800

Hi, Mdar

thanks for your informations and links.
IR seems to be more “universal” but at the moment no possible solution i like.

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Hi Tim,

oh thank you for your informations. the s3700 is only about 80€ at XmXzXn :slight_smile:
my you kindly show your thing, item, and relevant sitemap ?

thanks in advance


No can do - I control it through happanel (no site map) and let it be autodiscovered (so no thing or item file). However - you can join our discussion on the addon over at the sony forum and read the readmes on the addon. I’m about to submit the addon for merging - so no new features.

However - do note that you’ll get the ability to fully control the bluray (launching apps, full usb control, full player control, etc) using the scalar service part. If you just want basic control (ie what the remote can do), you can use the IRCC service part…

Ok, no problem
basic control is enough in the first hand.
First i have to fetch such a s3700…
And if iam not mistaken it´s not a binding listet in OH. I have to install it manually ?

Any of the blurays should work - but I’d avoid the 1700 (those break way too easily).

Yes -manually installed right now - follow the directions in the first post

Very very good!
So my Denon AVR is OH my Coolstream Setopbox… no i can integrate my future Blu-Ray.
At the moment i have a old LG BD but it not support remote from external

Just a word of caution - don’t buy used. There is a plethora of ‘refurbished’ bdps that are for sale really cheap and they usually don’t work (or some piece of them don’t work). Personally if I was shopping - I’d go with a 6700 or if you don’t mind spending some money, the UBP line (4k) players is fantastic.

The only disappointing thing is that they don’t really support that wide of a range of file formats (if you play from a usb stick).

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I use a Pioneer BDP-160 with an own programed binding “PioneerBDP”, see also this topic.

It is derived from PioneerAVR binding.

I use the basic ui in general.
But for the rest of the family happanel is more convinient
We use this what i created:
to control my settop box (Tv Zapping) and the Denon AVR.
The future plan is to integrate probaly the Sony BD6700 :slight_smile:

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