Labels not working(sometimes)

So I have an odd problem, not really sure where to even go about troubleshooting it. I update OH2 pretty much daily, so this is the latest. My labels for items don’t show up in Classic or BasicUI. For a switch instead of showing “Bathroom Lights”, it will show “Switch”. So for a given group, I’ll just have a list of 3-4 switches, with no way to tell the difference between them. Switches and Dimmers seem to be the only ones affected, and only those that are not specifically called out in the sitemap.

So if I have a “label=‘Kitchen Light’” in the sitemap, that shows up fine, but if I define the label through paperUI it won’t show up.

Seems as though if I restart OH a bunch of times(usually 4-5) eventually it comes back to life, but I’d love to figure out if there is something I can do better here. I’ve already found that I can go through and stop OH, delete the cache and tmp folders and then restart it seems to work fine after that. Should that be normal operating procedure?


The Problem is fixed with the next Update of ESH

Ahh, thanks! Any chance you’d be able to point me in the direction of the release schedule?


Build 1083 is out and the Problem is fixed …

Read the Comments … there are other Problems … when Upgrade … clean Install is no Problem …

Greatly appreciate it, thank you!