LED Strip configuration (DMX)

Hi there,

I would like to control my LED Strips with Openhab 2 and just can’t get any further. :frowning:

First the hardware:

It runs via DMX, therefore I have an ArtNetNode and an 8-channel DMX controller with two RGB strips connected. The “colors” are connected to channels as follows “R” to 1+5, “G” to 2+6 and “B” to 3+7, 4+8 are not used. The whole thing works as expected with the Windows tool DMX-Wokshop.

Now I configured the following in Openhab 2:

in xxx.things file:

// DMX Beleuchtung
Bridge dmx:artnet-bridge:artnetbad [ address="ArtNetBox" ] {
    color  rgb   [dmxid="1/3,5/7"]

in xxx.items file:

    Color   dmxfarbe "Farbwahl"  {channel="dmx:color:artnetbad:rgb:color"}

In Paper-UI/Control everything is displayed as expected but the color selection does not work and all colors are always dimmed at the same time.
I can "pull up Brightness " and both Strips illuminate white(ish) (according to the adjusted brightness), however if I move the color slider (Farbwahl) it jumps back again and again… and no color change happens

is there something wrong with the config or does someone have an advice / experience?

BTW: DMX-Workshop is stopped now of course…

Thx ahaed

Have you tried only setting it up in paperUI?

I found it much easier to fault find than using text files

Not possible in Paper UI. Because: Discovery is not supported at the moment. You have to add all bridges and things manually.

So you have to do it by text anyway…


First of all: The config should be dmxid="1/3,5/3". The number after the / is the channel count, not the stop-channel. But I don’t think thats your problem.

However, I checked that it’s working for me, which is a little bit strange. I would suggest you try again with dmxid="1/3" only. Or configure the thing via Paper UI and we’ll see if some default is not properly set for textual configuration.

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No… :wink:

There’s no auto discovery, but it’s all possible in PaperUI

And much easier :slight_smile:

Thanks to Jan, I’ve got loads of DMX / Art-NET stuff running around my house.

Here’s the PaperUI Control section just for 1 room.

With lots of chases and colour pickers.

I tried dmxid=“1/3” same behavior… :frowning:

What I dont understand: " The config should be dmxid="1/3,5/3", what is the difference to my config? I might not see it or I dont get it…

I willing to try to set it up with Paper UI, but I dont know how…

Maybe there is a way to connect to my Computer via TV or so… I am confused. :frowning:

I tried to set it up with Paper UI, but alredy the thing is not working…

Your code is 1/3,5/7 which is 1,2,3,5,6,7,8,9,10,11 (three channels starting from one, seven channels starting from 5). What you want is 1,2,3,5,6,7 which is 1/3,5/3.

please show the configuration page. Did you remove the textual defined thing before? And at best restart OH.

Oh I see, now i unnderstand…

So, here my Configuration Page… I hope this is what you meant…

Oops: I did not remove the thing before… doing it now and will restart…

This is what I get now…

But the same behavior in Paper UI.

I’ve just spotted… “TurnOn Value Malformed”

Is that in your setup? Or the same picture from above?

Mine is fine.

Same picture as above

Yes I still have this proplem like in the pic above… Status: OFFLINE - CONFIGURATION_ERROR turn-on value malformed

I have no idea what is wrong :confused:

Me neither. But I can confirm that this happens for newly defined color things. Please open a GitHub issue (in the Eclipse Smarthome Repo) and link this thread. I’ll investigate that. When that is fixed, we’ll see if your other problem is related.

I have prepared a fix. Could you test if that solves your problem? You can find the new addon here.

Thank you, but I have no clue how to do that… :cry:

I assume that I need to copy those files to openhabian? But I can not find the designated dirctories, I connected via SFTP… can you provide a docu or a guide?

Look here. I don’t know openhabian, but I guess the addons folder is /usr/share/openhab2/addons. I always use WinSCP, thats nice and easy and has GUI.

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Will do so, thx in advance…

this fixed the “Thing” proplem, its online now. :slight_smile

And after a few seconds everything is working, the only thing I had to do was put the slider “Saturation” all the way up to 100%, if I dont´. The behavior of the LED Strip isnt what expected.´I guess this is normal?

BTW: openhabian Path is “/usr/share/openhab2/addons”