LogViewer Android App for openHAB (via frontail)

here I want to present you my own “LogViewer for openHAB” app.

It shall be a simplification of mobile access to the log of an frontail supporting openHAB instance

It’s one of my first apps ever and I still (can) learn a lot.
Please write feedback and give tips so I can improve this app step by step.

… directly post it on GitHub (GitHub Issue page)
… or write them here in the comments below.

To the openHAB developers:
I don’t know if you’re interested but I would definitely agree to including this feature in the offical openHAB app, it’s up to you.

Screenshots (on a tablet; smartphone screenshots are available HERE):

Download Link:

GitHub Link:


Congratulations on “one of your first apps”. :smiley:

I do not need it, but I would like to give you some Feedback (without looking at the app).

I really like the idea of an android logviewer app. I’ll test once i am home.

I agree with @christoph_wempe that integrating it into the official app would be ideal.
Then your efforts will have the highest range.

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Nice app. An option for the text size would be great. Unless I missed it.
Please apply to add it to the official app

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Unfortunately not working for me. Could the reason be that frontail is running on my OH server?

Same applies to me

Thanks for your feedback!

  • Yes, I know. That’s how I access the log. I simply used a WebView to open the website inside the app.
  • I have published my code in Git Gists. What can I do with a repository. What are the advantages?
  • In my text above I wrote, that the app manager could think about integrating it. I’ve already wrote with @mueller-ma, but he doesn’t think, that it’s a good idea.
  • Sorry, i forget them. Screenshots will follow very soon!

That’s the problem.

I wanted to add this feature but in the openHAB LogViewer you generally can’t change it (even on the pc, it’s the same website).
To include it in the app, the feature has to be added by the openHAB team to the website, I’m sorry!

The only thing I could try is to zoom out a bit.

Tried to solve the problem.
Please test it again with the new download link…

great, now it works for me. thanks for this nice app!

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Nice, I’m glad to hear that.
More updates will follow.

You can publish the full source code, not just the java code. This makes it possible for everyone to build the app from source. Please also add a free software license, so people are allowed to contribute to your app.

Actually I don’t think looking through log files on a smart phone is something people want to do. But feel free to open a PR to implement this. If there are enough supporter, this should get merged.

Which website are you going to access to get the log file?

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Thanks for your explanations and tips.

I’m just using the “openHAB 2 Log Viewer” that you can access via the dashboard (default port 9001).

Finally had the time to find a way to do it.

I included it in the newest version 1.2.1:

Finally had the time and will to publish the project on GitHub.


This is an interesting project and I would like to test it.
How do I install your app onto my phone?

Download the apk and install it manually.

(This is the Link to the downloads)

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Yeah, the way @Udo_Hartmann mentioned is the current one, I’m sorry.
When I turn 18 I will publish it on the Play Store, until then this is the best solution.


No problem. I have installed it now and it works.
It will be useful for me to have the log on my phone, I will use it for a while and report back.
Thanks for making this app!

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Hey there =)

just found your app and I think it’s a pretty good idea and will be using it in the future.
My ideas to improve it:

  1. When configuring the OH Server Port it says “default is 9001”. So I assumed I could just leave this field empty. I think when not entering a port the app should use 9001, so the field is no longer a requirement for the user.
  2. I think the orange bar on the top ("openHAB 2 Log Viewer…) could be smaller in height. However I think this isnt that easy to achieve.
  3. When in “Auto Scroll acrivated” it would be nice if either
    a. The user was able so scroll just as the user wanted to but get put back to the bottom if a new message comes in. or
    b.The user was not able to scroll at all. Now he can scroll but gets set back to the bottom immeadiatly. I think the effect doesnt look as nice.
  4. Maybe you could move the back button more to the top so it doesnt cover up information. On the other hand 95% of the time its just the timestamp.

Nice work you have done here! =)

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