Lowes Iris Shutting Down March 31, 2019

Received an email today stating that the Lowes Iris Smart Home Platform will be shutting down. Sounds like they’ll be refunding some customers for their purchases, which is admirable and certainly much more than others do.

Last summer, I began using Lowes Iris to control my zigbee only Orbit Hose Faucet Timers. Since they aren’t compatible with OpenHAB, I went ahead and purchased an Iris Hub and controlled it independently of OpenHAB.

I always had plans to dig in an make these work with OpenHAB (which I never got around to). But now seems I need to accelerate that plan and start doing some captures with the CC debugger.

If anyone familiar with the steps for capturing/debugging zigbee could point me to a recent thread or some high level documentation, I would greatly appreciate it. I already have CC2561 dongle and a CC debugger, just never actually used them. Not sure if I can run this on a ras pi or if I need a “regular” linux server.

Thanks in advance!

I bought an iris ver 2 motion sensor about 6 months ago at Lowes for about 30$us. It got discovered in openhab and works great. It reports motion and voltage. I was so happy, I went and brought two more. They turned out to be ver 3 models. Openhab discovered them and voltage, temperature and humidity were all reported but I could not get motion to work. I also purchased an iris door contact sensor. It was flakey sitting right next to the controller. When I carried over and stuck it to the door, it quit reporting anything. I took both ver 3 motion sensors and the door contact sensor back and they gave me a full refund!
Wish I could say the same about all the junk smartthings crap I purchased at BestBuy

Have you by chance got their smart plugs to be discovered?

@brad3260 No, I haven’t. I have always relied on zwave plugs. But there is some hope…

Looks like Lowes may release Iris as open source (renamed Arcus). This would be great!


Lowes has open sourced the Iris platform under the name Arcus. Announcement is here