MCO Home IR Thermostat IR2900 Unknown Device

I’m trying to add an MCO Home IR Thermostat IR2900 and I keep getting “Unknown Device” in the Thing interface, while in the console I’m getting “NODE 17: Device discovery could not resolve to a thingType!”.
I’ve tried removing it from both the “Z-Stick Gen5+” controller and the openHAB, and add it back again, but still getting the same results.
Any ideas? Thank you in advance!

[I’m attaching Thing interface [Untitled|428x500](upload://eunq1a9usqQ3GzB4G8b6i2320D3.png)

Welcome to the openHAB community!

Your device must be added to the Z-Wave database, see Blog Posts.

Just for reference: IR Thermostat IR2900,Mcohome

Thank you for the quick response.
So, do be clear, in order to work with my MCO Home IR Thermostat IR2900, firstly I need to add it to the Z-Wave database based on the guide you’ve sent? And then? Is openHAB database being synchronised regularly?

Add device to Z-Wave database, request review, wait for new snapshot of the Z-Wave Binding, install snapshot. In total, it will take about 1-2 weeks.

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Sorry for my silly question, but I cannot find the “Create Device button”. Is it something temporary or am I missing something?

Most likely cause: you are not logged in.

I am logged in, but I can see in the main page, that it is “Under Construction”. Can you verify?
Either way, I have opened a ticket.

That does not seem right. Try clicking around (like the blog, then tools, etc.)

In the other tabs I don’t see the “Under Construction” message. Only in the home screen.
But still, I cannot get to see the the “Create Device" button.
I’m attaching screenshot.

Don’t worry about that, you are on the right page. The “create device” will not appear until the admin gives you write access. I saw earlier in the week he was traveling, so it could be a day or two. What you will see with write access is this;

Thanx a lot! That info relieved me of a lot of stress!

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Hello again. Still no reply for my ticket about not showing “Create Device" button in . Does anybody know wheather should I contact them antoher way? Thanx!

Does your ticket ask for write access? Can you see the tickets under “My Tickets”. What ID are you using on OSH? Maybe @chris can check.

Sorry - I’ve been travelling with pretty much no time to look at anything other than work for the past week. I’ve just got back and I think I’ve processed all the requests for access, so hopefully yours is now also done.

I hope I haven’t been too much destruction from your trip!
@apella12 @chris thank you both!

Not an official review, but I looked at what you started and the uploaded manual. Maybe you are not done. However, you need to add the parameter and association group info from the manual on the parameter and association group tabs.

The fact is that I have reviewed this already created device and it’s my first time doing this, so im not so familiar on which fields should I update. My question is, given that I have the xml from this device, are those values (parameters and association groups) included in the xml? Is there a safer way to insert the appropriate params instead of the manual way? Thank you!

Neither the configuration parameters nor the association groups - they must be extracted from the documentation.

No - be courageous. :slight_smile: @chris will review your new device definition before it will get published.

Thank you! I’ll do my best!

Hello again!
I think the “McoHome Technology Co., Ltd IR Thermostat IR2900 IR Thermostat” is ready!
Is there a quick way to check if the new device is included in the current Z-Wave Binding database? Thank you!