Mercedes Connected Car API

I was alerted to this new API in development from Mercedes and was thinking it would be good to add to Openhab via a binding for those who own a Merc.

I think it would be handy to use the current car location to automate garage door opening ( if car is entering street, open the door ) or to stop/start charging ( if electric ).

Currently only a ‘virtual’ vehicle is available to develop against, but it looks like it will be able to be enabled on real cars in the near future.

Anyone with dev skills willing to have a go at creating a binding?


Would be a fun thing to do :blush:
Testing is still only possible with the virtual car since there is only the Connected Vehicle (experimental) available yet. But I think the new A-Class (coming in a few days) will support this, so hopefully the real data will be released soon.

The only downside: Clicking on “Pricing”, you see only testing with virtual cars for free. To get to the interesting data, you need to contact Mercedes for your “Individual consumption plans”

For anyone still interested in linking up their Merc…

Looks like the “Mercedes Me” system is now available in Australia… so this has renewed my interest in integrating my car into Openhab.
I did a bit of searching and found a Node-red Mercedes Me code:

I’ll be giving this a try once my car has the adaptor fitted.

I´ve been in contact with the Mercedes team some months ago on exactly that topic.
The outcome was, that the connected vehicle part of the API is not available yet, only a sandbox version with mockup data can be reached.
Check out: Connected Vehicle API
Besides that there is no pricing model available - up to now there is no free personal license to allow access to your own cars and I doubt there will be one. Maybe reverse engineering of the Android app would provide the necessary information - but that may cause trouble.

The demo api is available nearly one and a half year now and nothing evolved from that.
My impression is that only with the MBUX system in place for all cars there might be a chance for a unified API. Thinking about the price tag of my car that is a sad thing to see…

But “Hey, Mercedes ! Surprise me!”

Any development? :slight_smile:
I am interested, I will watch this thread.

Also interested, is there any update regarding the API etc ?

There’s a solution for connection Mercedes Me to Homeassistant.

Maybe someone with python skills could have a look, if this could be transformed for OH.

I’ve seen that mercedes has updated the developer api site.

Now there is a new option called “BYOCAR” (Mercedes me ID required):

#BYOCAR: play around with your own car by getting free access to Mercedes-Benz Data APIs!
“This is the choice to test our product in a real environment and with real data. There are not costs, but you will be limited to data from your own Mercedes-Benz. This variant is intended for testing your ideas, not for real business.”


Sounds promising, but it is actually sort of an alpha testing, without the promise that the access is permanent, stable and free of charge in the future.
Anyhow thanks to the developers at Mercedes that they at least partially opened the box.
Unfortunately I´m not able to code a binding because of missing spare time, hopefully somebody will pick it up - I would always be willing to test.

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I would really love if someone with the right skills was able to make a binding that connects Mercedes ME to openhab :heart_eyes:

I just ordered a Mercedes plugin hybrid :blush:

Thanks Mads

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I would love to see this as a oh binding. i would be here for testing, too.

Hi Pälzer Bu, did you work more on this ?

Thanks Mads

No, not even tried.
I´m too much occupied by my daily business (had even less spare time than without Covid-19 being around). Even my OH is currently not running smoothly and I dont have the time to take care.
So I´m out.

Ok, thanks for your reply :slight_smile:

Regards Mads

I would be in for testing =) Would love the binding!

I just had a look and subscribed to the API for odometer, Fuel and Electric status of my hybrid Mercedes. Anyone had a go at it yet? I see the API is based on https protocol. Could the simple hppt binding be a solution here without having to develop a specific Mercedes Binding?
@J-N-K Can you let me know whether this type of API call via https are supported by current and importantly by your future OH3 binding?



I dont think that there is anyone workin on a binding for Mercedes, i would love to be able to connect my A250e to openhab.

Maybe we could put up a bounty??

Thanks Mads

We need OAuth (which is well documented) and a https call using a security token. A refresh-token has to be updated every 2 hours - but this should also not be too hard to implement.
I wrote a simple php script working fine since some month.
Unfortunately the validity of the security token expires every 8th day, at least until mid of december.
To get a new one, you had to call a website with your login.

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Hi Mercedes-Benz #devs!
We really enjoy that you are investigating with our connected car data APIs. Access is completely free for your own car with your Mercedes me account. Other platforms (e.g. domoticz) have already done this integration. May be you can grab some topics and best practices from there.
We had some technical trouble with our connected car APIs. We are working on stable and reliant connections with your cars. But, we are also a learning organization :wink:
If you have troubles or questions send us a support request Mercedes–Benz /developers – The API platform by Daimler.
Olaf from Mercedes-Benz /developers


Hey Olaf,
thanks for joining.
Overall this sounds promising, you’re very much welcome.

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