MHI (Mitsubishi Heavy Industries) AC control through build in WF-RAC module

I’ve just bought myself an MHI AC unit, after which I found out it’s currently hard to include in openhab.
People from HA have managed to control the device locally (see Unfortunatelly I have no java programming skills. Is there anybody owing a MHI AC unit and java programming skills that already gave this a try?

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Looks like this module makes AC settings accessible through http: with some base64 encoded byte sequences: AFAIR there was some discussion recently about MHI. Can you have a look or recent posts in Best Air Conditioner for OpenHAB integration in 2023?

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This one was about the Intesis / Airconwithme WifiAdapters used in MHI units.
Completely different protocol used.

Can you post what model you have, for reference?

I have the SRK/SRC 50 ZS-WF
But from what I read most (all) units that have the WF-RAC wifi module should work using the posted method.

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@bartsnijder do you managed to get them connected to openHAB? I just got 4 units with WF-RAC installed.

Since its winter here, I did not look any further to solutions. I’m however not familiar with writing bindings so the best end result without any help from others will most likely be rule-triggered post/get commands to control the basics of the units. I’m hoping for proper assistance from somebody that does know how to build a proper binding.