Mi(Xiaomi) Smart home bindings?

You must activate the developer mode and in Hub Info, you must exit all the sensors with your ID.
I look to get you a capture

Thanks man! I Found the ID!

sorry for the delay, I was making the catches, but I see that they are no longer necessary

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i change the code to this structure and it worked,

rule “Mijia & Aqara Wireless Switch”
Channel “mihome:sensor_switch:158d0001f3ad02:button” triggered SHORT_PRESSED
if (Gateway_LightSwitch.state == OFF) Gateway_LightSwitch.sendCommand(ON)
else Gateway_LightSwitch.sendCommand(OFF)

rule “Mijia & Aqara Wireless Switch2”
Channel “mihome:sensor_switch:158d0001f3ad02:button” triggered DOUBLE_PRESSED
if (MomsBedroom_light.state == OFF) MomsBedroom_light.sendCommand(ON)
else MomsBedroom_light.sendCommand(OFF)

rule “Mijia & Aqara Wireless Switch3”
Channel “mihome:sensor_switch:158d0001f3ad02:button” triggered LONG_PRESSED
if (Amanbedroom_Power.state == OFF) Amanbedroom_Power.sendCommand(ON)
else Amanbedroom_Power.sendCommand(OFF)

rule “Mijia & Aqara Wireless Switch4”
Channel “mihome:sensor_switch:158d0001f3ad02:button” triggered LONG_RELEASED
Thread::sleep(5000) /* play for 10 seconds */
sendCommand(Gateway_Color, 7)
sendCommand(Gateway_SoundVolume, 10)
sendCommand(Amanbedroom_Power, OFF)

Really dumb question, can’t seem to find it anywhere online, is there any Alarm system support for the gateway? or is this not going to happen ?


there’s no “real” Alarm System for Mihome. Yet there are either Window sensors and Motion sensor. There’s no glass breakage detector or other “industrial grade” Alarm sensors.
The sensors are not sealed or protected against sabotage or vandalism. For simple purposes they’re sufficient, but if you really need one you should go with a professional alarm system with an Integration option in a smarthome.

cheers for the reply, also thank you, I didn’t consider the device as just a speaker and light. I just need to create rules based on the door sensors and PIR’s that tell it to make noise and send notifications.

That’s no problem at all. You could do that by just the MiHome-App alone.
But of course if you integrate the gateway, you can use OH2-rules and do the same plus you can trigger OH2-connected things also.

The new update of the Mi app & gateway (1.4.1_164.0158) supports the Ikea Trafri light bulbs. They are also working via ZigBee.

I bought one of them (TRÅDFRI E27 980 lumen) and it’s working fine in the Mi App.
Offcourse I would like to manage it via openHAB. I checked the docs about handling unsupported devices, but the device is not show up in my inbox…
@dimalo, can you help me?

edit: after a restart of openHAB, the " Unsupported Xiaomi MiHome Device" appeared in my inbox.
I created a items, but for now, I don’t receive any message in the logs. I’ll try another restart.

has anyone tried how to control the ikea bulb from openhab?

Hello, I opened a new request on github to implement this gateway. I added some logs. Please let me know if more information needed.
Thank you

General question can anyone tell me if the aqara sensors can be managed and controlled via the Mijia gateway?

Yes. No problem

Someone already managed to integrate the Xiaomi Aqara Wireless Relay?


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Hi, short question:

Is the new aquara Hub EU-Version (with plug for eu - no need of adapter) working with this binding?

I currently only own a v2 xiaomi hub with adapter from chinese plug to eu plug and this is wokering.

But a friend of mine will buy a new gateway soon and so i would like to know if he can buy the new eu-version too?

Are they already on the market? Via China, or in Europe? The only way you know is buying and trying :slight_smile: Maybe some guys of HA already tried it?

I wasn’t lucky with getting the required developer mode with the EU version of the Xiaomi Aqara gateway, the version being sold in Germany, advertised as Homekit compatible. I sent it back and got myself a v2 from China, which works perfectly.

The new Xiaomi Gateway (v3) is released:

This gateway supports zigbee, bluetooth and wi-fi devices. It also receives power via USB, so no Chinese sockets.

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Looks promising if it is backward compatible with their sensors as well as other Zigbee equipment… And ofcouse, we need the binding as well :smiley:

I’ve made a pre-order on that. Supposedly shipping end of January.