Migrating MQTT1 items to MQTT2.4 items

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(Kaju666) #61

For now it works like a charm

(Vincent Regaud) #62

Cool then could you change your post above to:
“This is now my working settings”


(Denis Lambert) #63

I am working on migrating my MQTT1 items to MQTT2.4 and it is going pretty well .

Nevertheless, I am stuck migrating some items that required a JS transform call like this

String Location_Den_Samsung "Owntracks Location Den Samsung [%s]" <mqtticon> {mqtt="&lt;[mymosquitto2:owntracks/denis/samsung:state:JS(mqttitude-coordinates.js)]"}

So when I enter


in the Incoming value transformation field of the Configure Channel form in Paper UI I always get an error on my Generic MQTT Thing that says

Status: OFFLINE - CONFIGURATION_ERROR Remove and recreate: mqtt:topic:ff8e91b4:Test

What should I write there ?

(Vincent Regaud) #64

You should write:

(Denis Lambert) #65

Yes ! Thank so much for the hint! All my MQTT migration is now done and working very well.

(Amit Seth) #66

I am SUPER new to this and with very little tech background.
Was struggling with codes and such; searching for conig files (:grin: I am on OpenHAB 2.4 LOL)
Your post sorted it out for me;Sonoff Tasmota running like it should…a Charm!

(stuart harvey) #67

getting this error with my setup not sure whats wrong it reading but not getting temp in

2019-01-20 15:39:53.111 [WARN ] [eneric.internal.generic.ChannelState] - Incoming payload ‘{“Time”:“2019-01-20T16:39:53”,“DS18B20”:{“Temperature”:17.9},“TempUnit”:“C”}’ not supported by type ‘NumberValue’


(Vincent Regaud) #68


(stuart harvey) #69

thanks for that another typo from me been trying for 2 days to get that working

(HestiaPi) #70

@Sascha_Billian Not like it matters but there should be an opening square bracket [ after the > and before mosquitto I think. I tried to compare your before and after items entry with mine and spotted that little difference.

(Sascha Billian) #72

Thanks. Must have been only a typo since my MQTT on OH 2.3 was running without any issues.
Anyway i’ve corrected it