Möhlenhoff Alpha BUS - Solution

I have try this one but i have the same problem. If i need the

String Info "Info [%s]"{http="<[*[name()='Devices']/*[name()='Device']/*[name()='HEATAREA']/*[name()='T_ACTUAL']/text()]"} 

hi yes xpath transformation service is installed can you give me the right code for openhab items
Thank so lot

You have one space missing, whichis not that tragic.
But there is a ) missing at the end.

String Info "Info [%s]" {http="<[[@nr='1']/T_ACTUAL/text())]"} 

Do you have a look into the logs? Do you use VSCode with openHAB Plugin?

oh Josar thank a lot now its working. I use vsCode wite OH plugin but where can i see the logs. Do you mean the openhab log files ?

can i convert this String to a number without rule

Jop openhab logs, always look at them when saving, errors will be found a lot faster then.


My setup:

In fact with the http binding it should be possible to just do this.

Number Info "Info [%s]" {http="<[[@nr='1']/T_ACTUAL/text())]"} 

But as it is defined that the transformation has to return a string, i don’t know if it works.

Thanks all a lot for help. Now i want send a command to the heat unit for new temperature Can everybody help me there.
I have a Manual from the manufacter for this

See here: Alpha2-XML-Schnittstellenbeschreibung_de.pdf (475.5 KB)

I think i must created a XML Code in a XML File. Then i must send this to the heatunit. Everybody have a idea for this ?

Thank for all

Hi all!

Can you help me also with the same problem?
I have:

  1. xml file path: http://www.campulverde.info/liveStreams.xml
  2. .items: String Info “Info [%s]” {http="<[http://campulverde.info/liveStreams.xml:10:XPATH(/liveStreams/stream/label/text())]"}
  3. .sitemap: Text item=Info

but I still don’t see my values.


thx all!

You are trying to get the info every 10ms!

I changed the time value to :6000: but the result is still the same

That every 6 seconds do 60000
Did you install the http binding version 1.x?

No. Now I did install it and also changed to 60000ms, but still no result. The only difference is that now the dash is gone.

Try that:
This will check if we get any data at all

String Info "Info [%s]" {http="<[http://campulverde.info/liveStreams.xml:60000:default]"}

thx but it makes no difference :frowning:

I now have:

String Info "Info [%s]" { http="<[http://campulverde.info/liveStreams.xml:60000:XPATH(/liveStreams/stream/label/text())]" }

I have tried with t full regex and It got the data
I have checked the XPATH in https://www.freeformatter.com/xpath-tester.html#ad-output
and your XPATH is correct
I don’t know why it doesn’t work

@gsmatei and @vzorglub The xpath does not work as it does not address the namespace.


thx @vzorglub!!!


Starting from the example in your link:

String Temperature_xml “Temperature [JSONPATH([name()=‘PTZStatus’]/[name()=‘AbsoluteHigh’]/[name()=‘azimuth’]/):%s °C]” {…}

i’ve tried with this but it’s not working:

String Info “Info [JSONPATH([name()=‘liveStreams’]/[name()=‘stream’]/[name()=‘label’]/) %s]” {http="<[http://campulverde.info/liveStreams.xml]"}

What I’m doing wrong?


Documentation has an typo JSONPATH vs XPATH


Still something else is wrong with that example. Look what i get:

with this: String Info “Info [XPATH([name()=‘liveStreams’]/[name()=‘stream’]/[name()=‘label’]/) %s]” {http="<[http://campulverde.info/liveStreams.xml]"}

you have to give a closer look :wink:

there is something missing " : "

azimuth’]/):%s °C]