Myopenhab not reachable

This is probably a consequence of disabling the item update function (which is for IFTTT), if there were already items in the system they would be known to IFTTT, but b/c we are not updating them at the moment, we are not inserting any new entries for IFTTT to see and use to send messages too. I will hopefully have something to solve this soon, apologies for the inconvenience.

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Thank you for your honest reply. No problem because then i just leave it for now how it is and wait how long it takes. I hope you figure out a solution soon. Just for information. When i went back to Ifttt to check if the items are still there they disappeared.

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Can this change in Google API help in load of

there is issue on github : Marzima must look… wait and see. but I think it will be perfect than openhab works only in local with google home.

Thanks! I will follow it up.

It would be great if this took some of the load off of myopenhab. Fingers crossed!

Dear digitaldan,

I am just curious if you already find a possible solution for solving the problem with the item states?

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+1. Really looking forward to being able to re-add my items to myopenhab. I spent a lot of time yesterday trying to figure out what I was doing wrong… At least I’m glad to know I wasn’t just missing something. Thanks!

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Having the same issue. Just looking to add myself to this thread…

Same here!

I have a possible solution i am testing now, since this happens under load I want to introduce this slowly into the cluster so i want to plan this carefully. Also i’m Traveling a lot this month for work and I’m not able to dedicate as much time as i would like.

I agree this is an awesome feature, and would love if amazon implemented local control as well, but Google and Alexa do not add any noticeable load to the system, the item and event updates seem to be the big issue and are only used for IFTTT, not for anything else, which i don’t think is very clear to people (and i can see why, its very confusing in retrospect )


I add myself to follow the discussion, because I believe my problem is connected. I noticed, exposing a new article for IFTTT, that no longer updates the items (my last update is July 26th) and consequently they are not seen by IFTTT to create the rule … right ?

Yes, that’s correct. There have been no updates to anyone’s items on since Friday, July 26. You can continue to send commands from IFTTT to any items that were previously exposed, but their states won’t change in your item list and you can’t add new ones right now.

Any update on the progress of ???

Hey @rpwong I don’t know who is in charge of but could you please show a short notification/message/banner about the current issue on the site may be on the Item page or everywhere. So people know about it that would be incredibly awesome.

Yesterday I spend over 3 hours trying to fix it (including deleting all items I had already had connected), thinking the problem is on my site. before I finally found this thread here.
Would be Helpfull for other :wink: Thx


I agree i also spent lots of hours checking forums and making changes until i get to this threat! Let hope the issue will get fixed!

@GordanTrevis I’m not a moderator, so I wouldn’t be able to make such a post (you’ve actually been a community member longer than I have). :wink:

A notification/message/banner is great in theory, but where would we begin and end? This specific issue affects you, but it doesn’t affect other users. Meanwhile, those others are affected by issues that don’t concern you, since you’re not affected. Who decides what’s important enough to become a banner?

This isn’t to say that we shouldn’t have some way of sending notifications to community members, but that it should be addressed strategically, not reactively. That’s just my opinion as a communications professional.

@yortiz1979 I think @digitaldan’s last message said all that can be said, and we’ll have to patiently await the results of his tests when he can fit them into his schedule. Alternatively, you can try this:


Thanks for your feedback

I had no idea setting up your own myopenhab cloud server was an option! I’m all back up and running! Thank you for sharing that post!

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Is there a way to manually add the items? (instead of triggering them to make them appear)