So, it’s not hard to setup your own server following the instructions on the github page, I just did it on a cheap ($3/month) vps and it’s working great. Might be something to think about if this is driving you crazy. :slight_smile:

I use the cloud service for multiple Things

  • iOS app
  • iOS notifications
  • IFTTT integration

Is that all possible?

Not sure if you’re asking me but if you are, yes. The myopenhab app is pretty lightweight so there should be no problem running it on a small vps.

I just got the Alexa skill working on my own too which means I don’t have to rely on myopenhab anymore.

If you find the time it would be great if you could write a small tutorial, I guess there are many users interested in this (me too) :grinning:

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Yeah, I was thinking about doing that. The docs here are pretty good, just some minor issues but I was able to get the server running in an hour based off that.


Could you share your VPS specs please? If have been looking at running my own openhab cloud but was looking for server requirements.

Thanks in advance!

Not possible on your own. iOS notifications require the certificate/key pair registered to the developer account that publishes the iOS app.

[quote=“snoekieboe, post:47, topic:21748”]Could you share your VPS specs please? If have been looking at running my own openhab cloud but was looking for server requirements.

I’m using the 2.99 VPS and it’s running great so far.

You could always build your own version of the iOS app with your own keys but it’s more work.

Also, if you already have a developer account or are willing to pay Apple $100/year for one.

Yeah, myopenhab should be changed to use agnostic services like pushover or or even txt.

It would be more efficient to run those kinds of rules directly from openhab via sendHttpPostRequest or sendHttpGetRequest

True, I don’t know (since I don’t use) the notifications in myopenhab so I’m not sure how people use them. If you want notifications I would just do that Robert suggested and fire them from openhab itself.

I’m looking at the source now to see how easy it would be to add other methods of notifications to myopenhab though. Doesn’t look too hard though.

Why not use the pushover or telegram binding in openHAB ???

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That’s a good option too. What do the notifications do on myopenhab, I don’t really see the point of them and if that’s what’s stopping someone from using their own myopenhab server then there are other options.

One reason is getting a notification if the connection to your local openHAB instance is lost, suggesting there might be an issue locally.

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I’m assuming the same is true for IFTTT and Alexa…

Perhaps it’s worth having the binding support multiple instances of the cloud service?

Cool - wish there was a one time - I hate to put anything with a recurring approval - ill look again and maybe I can use Paypal with an expiration to do say a set donation.

Someone can explain me the reason of this outages?

  • Software problem?
  • Hardware problem?
  • Load problem?

It makes sense each user of Openhab have one private cloud?

It seems that the tendency of the users, is to make private clouds instead of solving the problem that originates the outages.
If this is one software problem, all the private clouds being installed will have the same problem, it’s only a matter of time.