MyUplink binding?

I am looking for a binding for Nibe myUplink devices, but fail to find any binding (not uplink but the newer myuplink). In case you know of any such binding I would greatly appreciate a ”pointer” to it.

Hi helander,
in some other Threads there are some discussions about it. I am also reading it with interest as I have NibeUplink running which will be presumably switched off this year after reading the messages from Nibe:


Hi @helander,
I’ve been using the official nibe uplink binding for a while. Then switched to nibe uplink rest api binding.
Since the move to MyUplink I use iobroker.myuplink adapter running in parallel as interim solution. It’s quite reliable and has all essential channels to monitor and control my VVM500.

Hi there I started working on a myUplink binding. It is still in an early state. Currently it supports:

  • automatic discovery of units within the account
  • automatic detection of available channels per dervice
    • no write support currently
    • status/enum channels are just mapped as numbers currently

Compared to the old NibeUplink I miss a few channels. In addition it seems that some channels are not updated unless the heatpump is restarted (such as heat meters) I already reported this to NIBE. If others have similar issues I would recommend to report this as well. It seems that their firmware still has some issues.

Current version can be found here:
myUplink SNAPSHOT Download


Thanks for providing.

Dropped into M2, added bridge, discovery of my VVM500 worked like a charm, values are populated.

Tahnk you for sharing, but I have some trouble using it:

  • successfully migrated today my VVM500 to myuplink; it is shown there

  • added your latest 4.2 SNAPSHOT to my 4.1.2 openhab installation

  • added bridge with my login data for myUplink
    → no successful login possible
    → UNKNOWN: @text/status.waiting.for.login to OFFLINE (CONFIGURATION_ERROR): Bad Request

  • checked permissions in myuplink account
    → no Third-Party Apps listed

Do you have any further instructions for me?
Do I need openhab 4.2 snapshot version?
If yes, could you provide a 4.1 version too?
Is it possible to configure your plugin via textfiles?

Meanwhile I updated openhab to 4.2M2 but again without success. After switchung your plugin to DEGUG I get the following messages repeatly every 5 seconds:

2024-05-14 12:34:41.032 [DEBUG] [ink.internal.command.AbstractCommand] - [Login] running command
2024-05-14 12:34:41.066 [DEBUG] [ink.internal.command.AbstractCommand] - [Login] received content, length: 218, encoding: UTF-8
2024-05-14 12:34:41.066 [DEBUG] [ink.internal.command.AbstractCommand] - [Login] HTTP response 400
2024-05-14 12:34:46.033 [DEBUG] [link.internal.connector.WebInterface] - run queued commands, queue size is 12

You will need to create API credentials. Your personal User (Email + password) will not work.

Wow, have I been waiting for this… I have a CTC EcoZenith i255, so the NibeUplink binding wasn’t an option for me.
I eagerly just added your initial JAR, created an app at to get the credentials, and discovered my device - values populated!
A HUGE thank you for spending time on this! Looking forward to coming versions. It seems you’ve got this in the bag, but let me know if there is something I can help test…

Meanwhile I got it working creating an APP as described by @MrRusch and performed successfully an autodiscover which worked without any trouble.
But I prefer text based configuration. Is there any documentation available?

Meanwhile I was able to create successfully text based files for account and thing configuration. The only problem I had is getting the Thing-ID for my VVM500. to be successful I simply performed the autodiscover and took the ID from there (after deleting the previously generated Bridge and Thing).

Here are my details

Bridge myuplink:account:myAccount "myUplink" @ "Nibe Heizung" [ 
    clientId="id from application", 
    clientSecret="secret from application", 
    ] {
        genericDevice VVM500 "VVM 500" @ "Nibe Heizung" [ deviceId="id taken from automatic discovery" ]
Number:Temperature Nibe_Out_Temp	"Außentemperatur [%.1f °C]"	(gNibeVVM) { channel="myuplink:genericDevice:myAccount:VVM500:40004"}