NanoCul 868 on ttyUSB0 ? and now?

I am trying to setup with the FS20 binding a NanoCul already using firmware 1.67.
Using Openhab2.2 on Pi3b.
FS20 binding is installed, USB CUL connected and “dmesg” shows me “ttyUSB0” for this device. OK I took this value for the FS20.cfg, also edited FS20.item with one actor and the FS20.sitemap accordingly.

I can see the FS20 actor now in the BASIC UI but when sliding to on or off nothing happens. Using “screen /dev/ttyUSB0” nothing gets displayed.

My question can it be that this USB stick is connected to ttyUSB0?
What can I do here to get it running?

I am a beginner and only randomly using some unix commands.

Can anyone help, please?

Thank you

Hi Boris,

welcome in the club of the hell with nanocul and FS20 / FHT :grinning:

Look at this:

and this:

and that:

Hi Johann,

thanks a lot.
I will check when back at home on Friday.
Was reding already a lot, and it looks like there is something with the
ttyUSB0 and permissions.
Maybe I will add the Baud rate in the config file as well.

Is openhabian not including ttyUSB0 by default?
I used this hassle free method with the latest built and I assumed all wil
be ready when attaching USB Sticks and CULs

Is there no possibilty to create a more comfortable binding for OH2 for
FS20. This is still a quite often used device!

I will come back.

with the latest rp openhabian build (SD Image)
there should be no problem with access rights to the ttyUSB Port. The hell is that with a nanoCUL the setup is correct and you receive no messages. You just get message waiting for…
I just get messages when i play around to disable and enable FHT, FS 20 and Intertechno binding. I found no logic behind that. After fiddlling around it works!
With a original Cul (Busware) it simply works with no problem! I got one from my brother for testing

Hi Johann,

I have bought now a original busware cul and I can see with screen that the cul is working.
However the FS20 switch does nothing when using it in Basic UI.
So this cannot be much to get it running.
I will open a new ticket for FS20 cannot get it running

Hi Boris03,

really strange. FS20 worked for me immediatly too when FHT messages were received. Are u sure that your FS20 switch item setup is correct?

Hi Johann,
I did an error in the Sitemap file.
“Switch item=Device” in sitemap and
"Switch Device" in items need to be the same (of course):slight_smile: