Neo coolcam z-wave devices

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(J Wee) #187

I am runing OH 2.3 snapshot in a docker under ubuntu 16.04. Not sure if that makes a difference from running under Win 10
Will go back and print out the whatever it shows in the paper UI

(J Wee) #188

Its worse now. I cannot even get openhab to see it during inclusion mode. pressed 3 times in quick succesion, saw the red light blink 5 times, but no response in the Paper UI of openhab

(Mar Li) #189

maybe try a factory reset of the door sensor device with press and holding the button for 10-15s. after it, wait 20s and try again an inclusion.

(J Wee) #190

Thanks!. The factory reset allows inclusion. Now its back to the sensor being online but “not in database” and “initialisation is not complete”
Where do I find the product id? These below are the properties

zwave_class_basic ROUTING_SLAVE
zwave_class_generic SENSOR_NOTIFICATION
zwave_frequent false
zwave_nodeid 2
zwave_version 0.0
zwave_listening false
zwave_routing true
zwave_plus_devicetype UNKNOWN_TYPE
zwave_beaming true
zwave_class_specific NOTIFICATION_SENSOR

(Chris Jackson) #191

It will show in this list once it is known. I guess that this is a battery device? You probably need to wake the device up a couple of times so that the binding can discover the device. If that doesn’t help, then you’ll need to provide a debug logfile.

(J Wee) #192

I did try waking it up but it does not seem to make a difference . My battery sensor is exactly this item here:
How do I get a debug logfile?

(SiHui) #193

(J Wee) #194

I cannot seem to upload the openhab.log and events.log files to this forum. Must I convert them to something else?

(Chris Jackson) #195

You need to find somewhere to load them to - eg Dropbox, or something similar.

(J Wee) #196

thanks Chris

(SiHui) #197

Unfortunately that is not a debug log.
Did you see the link to the docs from my post above?
Go to karaf console and type

log:set DEBUG org.openhab.binding.zwave

You should also log zwave to a separate file to make it better readable:

You have a lot of errors in your logs:
Your Zigbee is not connected to the correct port. Are you using two USB devices at the same time? That can cause trouble when rebooting because the ports can change, you may need to use symlinks:

Also your network bindings needs arping installed:

I would highly recommend to first troubleshoot all your errors and then advance to zwave device inclusion.

(J Wee) #198

How do I get the log file out after the
log:set DEBUG org.openhab.binding.zwave

(SiHui) #199

Same procedure you did already:
post your openhab.log.

But after a debug command it will be several megabytes :grinning:

(J Wee) #200

But the file does not seem to have changed. Its definately less than 1 MB

(SiHui) #201

Did you create a separate zwave log as I recommended above?
Then you need to use that file …

(SiHui) #202

Here you can see an example for a zwave debug log file:

Note the debug in

07-Nov-2017 16:35:02.207 [DEBUG] [ocol.ZWaveTransactionManager$ZWaveTransactionTimer] - NODE 10: TID 13471: Timeout at state ABORTED. 3 retries remaining.

(J Wee) #203

Yes I did.
Here it is:

oops … just saw your msg. Wrong log file then

(SiHui) #204

No, that is a valid debug log. All good.

(SiHui) #205

Feeding that through the log viewer it does not look too bad for the controller and node 3:

But nothing at all for node 2.
So you need to catch a log when you either include the node in question (or reinitialize it, or wake it up)

(J Wee) #206

I am not sure which is node 2 or node 3. I only have 2 z wave devices now connected, the Aeotec Z stick and the Neo door sensor.