Newbe - Im lost, how to bind wifi switch?

i am missing something here.
I have several WiFi switches in my home (not sonoff) which uses ewelink app.
How do I link them to openhab?
I tried network binding, I can see the switches, added them as a thing but nothing happens.
google searches came uo with nothing. is it really possible?


You must install a binding that can talk to ewelink. As far as I can tell there is no such binding available, at least in the official set.

There was a post somewhere I can’t find right now that shows how to interact with the ewelink cloud service to control your devices using HTTP I think.

But you will have to learn and understand how ewelink works, how OH works with HTTP, and how the HTTP binding works. This is probably an intermediate to advanced level integration. Not something that is going to be easy for a beginner.

unfortunately, noone managed to reverse engineer the ewelink Wifi signals. So unfortunately the only way to Switch those non-Sonoff outlets is with the app - or you have to flash Sonoff-Tasmota
I know, this won’t help you, but there is a way (and a binding) for TP-Link Wifi Switches

PS: please post your questions only once in the forum.