No new devices can be found by Alexa

Hi I have and issue with the Openhab Alexa Skill.

All other already exposed items are still in Alexa and work completly without issue but no new devices get found. I tagged them just as I always do via the Web Interface.

What could cause this issue?
Any things that I should check?
What would help to pin point the issue?

I am running everything from my Raspberry Pi 4.

Is it maybe related to this: Zram 100% full a few minutes after start of openHab ?

If your OH server is having performance issues, the Alexa discovery request will most likely timeout preventing new devices from being discovered.

Have you gone over the troubleshooting steps?

I tried all of it already.

If all your Alexa-enabled devices in openHAB aren’t discovered or getting updated:

Check that your server is available ------ Server is available

Look for any relevant errors in your openHAB server logs. -------- No errors in openHAB Log

Check the spelling of your Alexa metadata configuration. It is case sensitive. ----- done through the UI and everything is correct there.

If only new devices aren’t found, make sure your last Alexa-related config changes are valid. ------ Removed the last added item, but even that does not get discovered again.

If necessary, stagger the discovery process by adding a couple devices at a time to isolate the culprit. ------ Also not working.

After I disabled the persistence that was causing the zram filling up, this issue still persists.

What happens if you restart your device? Degraded performance on a Raspberry Pi is not only tied to Zram. Try to disable some of your addons if necessary.