No ProfileFactory found 'transform:RB'


somewhere in this forum I got the hint to use a very simple tranformation function for one of my items:

Number:Power wallbox_current_actual "Ladeleistung [%.1f W]" (Energy, gDezony) ["Measurement", "Power"] { channel="http:url:dezonyIQ:chargingPower" [ profile="transform:RB", toItemScript="| wallbox_state.state == 'CHARGING' ? input : 0" ] }

I think this worked before but meanwhile I find in the logs:

No ProfileFactory found which supports profile 'transform:RB' for link 'wallbox_current_actual -> http:url:dezonyIQ:chargingPower'

The jruby binding is installed. Did anything change with the way how an inline transformation needs to be specified?

Currenly running OH 4.1.1

This looks weird. Are you sure the jruby binding is active?
Try going to the karaf console and type

list -s | grep ruby

260 │ Active │ 80 │ 4.1.1 │ org.openhab.automation.jrubyscri

I would suggest trying to restart openhab first. When did this issue start to happen?

There was another issue reported, related to transform:JS which is equally weird but I suspect is somewhat related.

Wondering if it was a false alarm. When grepping my (still existing) logs it apparently only happened during a restart phase. I’m wondering if the bundle was not active while the transformation already was triggered.

I will watch out if it comes back but maybe it was only a timing issue.

Oh yes, this does happen during startup. Items were loaded first, before script engines were. Unfortunately at the moment it is how it is.