Number value help please

I’m trying to write a bit of code to control a heater, but I can’t figure out how to setup my setpoint item.
in my items file I’ve got:

Number TSsetpoint “Heating Set Point” (HVAC)

But when I go to my OH Control Panel it won’t let me increase/decrease that set point, what I’d like is and up and down arrow next to that item in the control panel.

also I’d like it to remember the current setpoint when I restart OH, this isn’t as big of a deal but I think it should be possible.

anyone know how to accomplish this?
any help would be much appreciated

Which version of OH?

I don’t know what you mean by “OH Control Panel”. PaperUI? Habpanel? BasicUI?

You need to create a sitemap and add the Item on as a setpoint.

Setpoint item=TSsetpoint

You need to set up persistence and use the restoreOnStartup strategy. Take a look here for some advice.

sorry, i should have been more clear, I’m running OH 1.8.0, by the control panel I mean when I open my sitemap in my browser, or also when I use the openhab app connecting to my sitemap.

OK so now I have the arrows to adjust up and down, but it’s not displaying the current value in the sitemap, when I watch OH running in the terminal it does work, just can’t see the current value in the sitemap, any idea how to fix this?

You need to add [%d] to the label (I’m assuming an integer value) to print the state as part of the label.

Number TSsetpoint "Heating Set Point [%d °F]"

Which will put the temp as an integer followed by “°F” (use “°C” if that is more your style).

Thank you so much, This is exactly what I was going for.