[OH3] Main UI - New „main_widget“ - development and testing [deprecated]

What do you think needs to be changed in main_widget ? It is working like before

Strange, as it is working here with the latest published code

Did you update main_widget and add “FloorsAndRooms” ?

yes, of course, just 2 days ago :slight_smile:

                - component: oh-repeater
                    fetchMetadata: semantics,metadata,listWidget
                    filter: loop.equipmentItem.metadata.semantics.config.hasLocation == vars.objVar.room
                    for: equipmentItem
                    itemTags: Blinds
                    sourceType: itemsWithTags

this solved my issue to display correctly rollershutter widget divided into single room. i don’t know if this is wrong, but it works. can you give a look?

for lights, are not working because the widget light use different props name than the values settings in main widget.

i have time, maybe that’s why i can test deeper these widgets…
also for instructions, there is too much confusion, and users keep asking things. Better to dedicate some time to improve instructions and make them clear…
i’m sorry for all these things i say, but first i want to help everyone to make and understand things easier and clear…

No, this is wrong, correct would be (and is in the published version)

                - component: oh-repeater
                    fetchMetadata: semantics,metadata,listWidget
                    filter: loop.equipmentItem.metadata.semantics.config.hasLocation == loop.roomItem.name
                    for: equipmentItem
                    itemTags: Blinds
                    sourceType: itemsWithTags

This is the code I am running, giving the earlier posted result.

HaHa, good catch, I am using an updated version of the LightCard, which I forgot to publish. Will do so later on. Thanks!!

This is definitely on my short list.

i know this is NOT the one published, but what i mean, the published one is making not filtered my roller widgets. changing the line as i posted (taken from previous version of your widget) make filtering correct.
maybe mistake is somewhere else, but this solved the issue. that’s why i asked you to check deeper what’s wrong.

This is difficult to debug, as I cannot reproduce that behaviour.
Can you please post some screenshots

  • after pressing floors top menu
  • after selecting a floor
  • after selecting a room

I have just updated the Lights cards, which I forgot two days ago. Also updated the screenshot to see the new color control.

This should fix the latest reported issues.
Sorry for any inconvenience.

This is also when selecting Shades below.

thanks for the support!

pay attention: widget name is LightCard, but in floor&rooms is Light_Card. Better to rename the published name of the Light widget…
uff i have always to teach you man :wink:

Done, Thanks!

FEATURE REQUEST: for light card, seems to point to group that contains lights.
is it possible to make the widget search into the group and to display single lights?
i ask this, to keep the same structure used for Rollershutters, that point to the group that contains also switch DateTime…

Have to think about it.

This is not like the rollershutters work

i know what you mean, but it’s like if you have 2 rollers into the same room…
ok think about it, i’m sure users will appreciate it, because it will keep a “sense” to the model structure…that items of the same type must be into the same group.

Yes and no, understand what you mean, but…

this can only be achieved for “simple” lights, just having an on/off switch.
If there would be more than one, there would be need for a strict naming of items, like we have for the DateTime items in the rollershutters. They need to contain open/close and Weekend/Weekday in the name.

yes and no…i’ve accomplished that, and maybe have sense…but my coding is “rude” than yours :slight_smile:
a demo in PM.

Ähm, don’t understand what ist “rude” with my coding ?

no no, MY coding is less elegant than yours. i meant this :slight_smile:
mine is done by tries, you instead, know what to do and how :slight_smile:

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OMG! the radiator control widget…i’m just rebuilding the model on test environment, so no items added to groups, and radiator is replicated 5 times for each room! so i have 5 widget x 4 rooms = 20 widgets displayed in one room page!

What do you mean. This has not changed if I rember correct.

you’re right, that’s why i keep thinking the issue comes from floor&rooms widget, that is changed recently…if you want to see, i can give you access to my teamviewer test environment

If the semantic model did not change, there should be no difference between Floors&Room and the old Floors and Rooms.
It was just combined into one for code simplification and to remove the need to press the room button to see the rooms.

To test, if you switch back to old main_widget using seperat floors and rooms, you should exactly see the same behaviour.

If you want, we can do a teamviewer session.