OpenHAB 3 Innogy - set temperature no control element available OH3

Hi Community,

after Integration the set_temperature of the RST I have the issue that there is no change/control options in the UI to actually change the target Temperature. I just can see which temperature is set.
Do you have any clue what might be the issue? From other posts I could see there should be an control-element to change the target temperature .
I use release OpenHAB 3.2

attached some screnshots and items extraction:

Group gBuero_Heizung "Büro Heizung" <pressure> (EG_Buero) ["HVAC"]
Number Temperatur_Buero_soll "Buero soll" <temperature> (gBuero_Heizung, gTemperatur) ["Setpoint", "Temperature"]  {channel="innogysmarthome:RST:SMARTHOME07:7e00e954711c4ebca066732d29e2989e:set_temperature"}

MainUI currently has a pretty primitive heuristic for determining which type of widget to display by default for a given Item. A Number Item it will usually just show as text with a chart in the background. If you want to control it, you have to override that default behavior with your own by setting “Default stand-alone widget” metadata and “Default list item widget” metadata.

Thanks, and how to do this - is there any procedure available ? Same behavior for Basic UI?

It’s Item metadata. It’s easy to do in MainUI. Not so easy in .items files. You’ll probably need to do it in MainUI, look at the “Code” tab and then translate the YAML to Item Metadata syntax (see Items | openHAB). The reference for all the base UI widgets are at Component Reference | openHAB.

I will have a look and may comeback to you … Many thanks for now!


with respect to this thread Innogy Binding OH 3 - Thermostat set Temperature does not work
That what I want to have But I do not know how to change this in Items Files…from the docs I do not know what to do.


You’ve chosen the awkward way to do it, but here is the method how -

Well, I’m personally out of the business of fighting syntax errors in file based configs. It’s a time sink for me and for the users who are fighting them. I’ve done the calculation and it’s simply not worth it. The time lost by using the UI is dwarfed by the time lost to answering a question like this. My suggestion is if you plan on using MainUI, your Items need to managed through the UI and not files.

Someone might come along and help with that but I’m not going to spend the time to learn it so I can help here. It’s nothing personal. I just have a limited amount of time and find I provide more value elsewhere. I like to help solve home automation issues, not syntax errors.

In the UI it’s very easy. Go to the Item. Click on “Add metadata”. Choose “Default stand alone widget” and customize the widget as desired there. You even get a live preview as you make changes to the config. If you want to change how it appears in the Overview cards, also create a “Default list Item widget.” It’s all pretty straight forward, self documenting, and you get immediate feedback.

If you want to use .items files, you’ll have to do what I just described but before saving it, look at the code tab and translate the YAML to the required metadata format. Or spend a lot of time with the docs studying them to understand what the metadata needs to be without the aid of the UI to help you along.

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many many thanks you helped me a lot already. I think I can work with all these hints.

Here my example of a RST. Like Rich stated, its managed by the main UI.