Openhab and Envisalink Vista / Honeywell Alarm

Does anyone have any idea how to integrate a envisalink honeywell vista 20p with openhab?


Check out the DSC alarm binding. It works with the envisalink it may work with vista.


Thanks for your help.
I think that’s not possible since DSC and Vista is not similar (what I read
so far)

Hoping someone as the idea of optimizing that binding to Honeywell…

Thanks again.

Hi Everybody

I’ve lookued at DSC Binding and seemd that it won’t work with EVL3 Vista Alarm.
Can I have a feedback from the DSC Alarm binding and helping to adress that problem. Is it possible?

Thanks in advance

I just put a response to a similar question in this thread:

@rsstephens would be the best person to provide some insight. He wrote and maintains the DSC Alarm binding.

Unfortunately the DSC Alarm binding will not work with the Honeywell alarm system. The binding was designed specifically around the command set and message responses of the DSC Alarm system, and will not work with other systems. As @guessed has mentioned, the protocols for the two systems are totally different and it would require an extreme rewrite of the binding to make it work for the Honeywell system. You may try his suggestion with the AlarmDecoder binding. Sorry the DSC Alarm binding doesn’t work for you.

@rsstephens, could you expand a bit on the differences, how much work would be involved, and the complexity?

Hello @Solo,

The Honeywell system has a different communication protocol than the DSC system such that it would require modification of almost all java classes in the binding. When I added support for the IT-100 serial adapter the similarities in protocols (almost identical) only required the addition of a serial interface and a few changes where there were differences in the command set. The Honeywell protocol has a vastly different protocol format than that of the DSC alarm. To accommodate the difference, changes would need to be made in areas such as the initial configuration of the binding, the login requirements for the Honeywell system, the sending and receiving mechanisms, the cross referencing of commands/messages to openHAB items, and a rewrite of the internal API classes and methods. Probably the only thing that would not change would be the TCP interface with the Envisalink as this is the same. In my opinion I would probably start from scratch by creating a new Honeywell Alarm binding using various other bindings, such as the DSC Alarm binding, as references. I hope this helps.


May not be what you want to hear, but…

Bernd wrote the Alarmdecoder binding that works great with Honeywell alarms. Unfortunately, it uses a different adapter than yours to interface with the alarm. I personally use the AD2USB adapter with a Vista 10SE and have been happy for a couple of years now.

I guess the option to add a the AD2USB adapter along with the EV4 that I have could give my alarm a little more functionality. Perhaps some day someone smarter than me will figure a way to leverage the EV4 for openhab. I went with the Envisalink because at the time my knowledge of Openhab was limited and Envislink seemed a little more out of the box baked.

I’d like to second development into the EVL4 to Honeywell system. This would be a similarly useful bridge for lots of people.

Bumping this hoping EVL3 & EVL4 ill get support…

Hello. I have openhab systems with some sensors. I want send notification from the openhab system to the securuty center. I know that secury center use contact id protocol, message recieves from tcp/ip. are there the openhab biding that converter to Contact id protocol. Thanks.

DC-09 and CD-05
seem to be a good standrd to astract comunication from security system to OH

hope that a future support will begin

Any word on progress for integrating with Honeywell?

I think I’m going to drop the Honeywell alarm system all together next year and go with the Nest Secure. It will all depend on if Google can update their Secure with basic alarm system features that it is currently missing (i.e. door chime).

I didn’t document my honeywell system configuration that well and I honestly can’t even remember the keypad commands to navigate around the menus. lol.

I’m looking into creating a binding with the EVL. I will post more soon.

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@cweemin Any luck on creating the binding?

Is the binding, I did not do a PR because I don’t have time to finish the documentation.