Openhab cloud, push notifications not working

If the messages were getting to, then it’s unlikely that it was an issue with your server. So it very well might be related to the current cloud issues, but I haven’t heard any reports about push notifications.

Whatever the case, I’m glad it’s working for you again.

I have got the same problem. No push notifications were recieved.
If i log in with my account to i can see the notifications from the openHab instance and i can send from the web a notification to device, too.

I deleted the device and for some time it recieved the notifications again but now i’ve the same again…

Exactly the same problem here: I see the messages in the myopenhab log and I can send messages from mypoenhab to the device, but the end-to-end chain is not working. Was there a conclusion?

Best, Lui

I have the same problem since yesterday.
Message is getting sent by a rule.
I see the message in myopenhab under notifications.
I see the message in the openhab app under notifications.
But I do not get a push-notification on the device.

When I send a testnotification to this device on myopenhab, i get the push-notification with my test-text.

So it seems, that everything works, but only the push-notification is not sent when the notification is triggered from within a rule.


Here a week that I have the same issue. Deleted all my devices but also no luck.
Anybody a tip?

Kind regards

Exactly the same here - I didn’t find this thread when I searched, but obviously it’s an issue across multiple cases. Here’s what I posted a couple of days ago. Notifications through myopenhab no longer appearing on iPhone

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It’s working just fine for me on two Android devices. Are you all using iPhones?


I use an iPhone too.

Same problem here. iPhone 13 Pro, iOS17. Notifications worked until a few weeks ago, now nothing. I see all notifications in myopenhab and test-messages get sent to the device correctly.
Can it be an issue with the new iOS?

Do any of you have Android devices to try? I don’t have an iPhone or iPad to test.

I suggest consolidating discussion on the thread started by @raaahbin, so that we don’t have two parallel conversations.

Sounds like an issue with your device.
I can confirm receiving notifications on my iPhone 13 mini at iOS 17.0.3

Yes, maybe. But what? Everything works fine with the phone and notifications for the openHAB app are allowed. The app is up to date. I can see all notifications in, but don’t get them pushed to the mobile.

Did you allow the app to send you messages ?

Yes, looks exactly like yours.

App Version is 2.4.56 on iOS 17.0.3

Mine is 2.4.60 - Testflight

My wife and I, both iPhone user, have the same problem. Me iOS 17 and my wife iOS16 and both app version 2.4.56. Everything is checked on in the settings. Also I deleted the app reinstalled it but no luck.

The problem is, that the notifications do not get pushed, when they got triggered by rules.
I can get a push-notification, when I do a test-notification (under devices) on In that case, I get a push-notification on my iPhone.

The notifications triggered in rules appear on under notifications, and also in the app on my iPhone under notifications. But I do not get a push-notification for them any more since a couple of days.

I dont think, that it has something to do with configuration on my phone, because the test notifications are correctly displayed.

Also tried to relink (new uuid and secret) my local openhab with and relink the phone with
Nothing changed. I get the push, when I do a test, but it does not get sent, when you trigger sendBroadcastNotification from within a rule.