openHAB Google Assistant Integration v2.0

yes - just for visualization purpose in the oh-app.

Is anyone using numeric values for their Thermostat modes?
If yes, where does the mapping string-mode <-> numeric-mode come from?

I am thinking of dropping the (for me not understandable) transformation in the GA integration…

I am using number as the type for the mode. As for the operating state it is also a number, but I use a transform map on the label.

Google used string mode for the thermostat here, no need numeric-mode

Could also work with the string values provided by google, e.g. with an intermediate item that transforms on your side? (on, off, heat, cool, heatcool, auto, eco, etc…)

I am just wondering where this mapping
off -> 0, heat -> 1, cool -> 2, on -> 3
comes from…

Would it be possible to get IpCamera: New IP Camera Binding to be a Camera object?


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That would be awesome.
It should be possible to send the hls stream and still picture to a GH device using the ipcamera binding. But as far as I recall its a casting option. (I have yet to try it myself. It has been on my todo list for months now).

Google wants to have:

cameraStreamAccessUrl: String. URL endpoint for retrieving the realtime stream.

Other options are not available yet for the Camera device and CameraStream trait.
If this can be provided, I do not see an issue here.

In my metadata PR the camera type is already integrated and requires a String item containing the URL.

@matt1 can now provide an URL for HLS Streaming that works with chromecast.

Does this mean that it will be possible to Create an Item like:

String BabyCamHlsStreamUrl "Baby Camera" [ "Camera" ] { channel="ipcamera:DAHUA:BabyCamera:hlsUrl" }

and get a Baby Camera in Google Assistent that can cast to Chromecast?


That would be great if we can tag as a camera, currently I have to use the Switchable tag and use a rule to cast the camera with the Chromecast binding using this rule. It works well but you have to be careful what you say to Google for it to work, for example you can not ask google to “show the BabyMonitor camera/video”, you have to ask to “turn on the BabyMonitor”…

rule "Cast babycamera to KitchenHomeHub"
	Item BabyMonitor received command
	if (receivedCommand == ON){
	//Start generating HLS format to reduce the startup delay
	BabyCamDirection.sendCommand(1) //Ensure camera is pointed at the cot
	BabyCamAutoLED.sendCommand(ON)  //Turn on nightvision
	tCameraTimer = createTimer(now.plusSeconds(12), [ | // Use timer to delay 
                tCameraTimer = null
KitchenHomeHubPlayURI.sendCommand("") //stop stream if BabyMonitor command is OFF
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Basically, yes.
As mentioned, the camera type is implemented in the metadata rework that is not yet published.

It would be something like this then:
String BabyCamHlsStreamUrl "Baby Camera" { ga="Camera" [ protocols="hls" ], channel="ipcamera:DAHUA:BabyCamera:hlsUrl" }


When do you think it will be published?

Hi All

Just to check before starting a new topic.

Has this something to do with the “new version” of openhab google assistant ??

I have been running openhab 2.4 stable with google assistant since summer without problems
From yesterday google assistants was not able to “sync my devices” (only openhab) after many tries, i delete the openhab connection in google assistant. now im not able to make a new connection.

Everything works in myopenhab, a new “Google Assistant Voice Control” is added every time i tried to make a new connection

Thanks Mads

Hi Belgadon

I can see my items using the “Item checker” some of them has errors, but they have not been changed

I think you have to fix these errors. I experienced the same. I added a few new items but could sync them. I, just like you, deleted the connection and couldn’t create a new one. The “Item checker” showed me an error in one of the older items.
After fixing that error everything worked. Good luck!

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I fixed alot of the problems, i still have 4 thermostat with errors…BUT google are now able to connect :smiley::slight_smile: :-):heart_eyes:

THANKS YOU !!! :star_struck:

Hi All

regarding the thermostat in the examples here Google Assistant | openHAB
this is used
[ “homekit:TargetHeatingCoolingMode” ]
[ “homekit:TargetTemperature” ]
but the items checker wants is to be
[ “TargetTemperature” ]

Another this i have these 2 items using “Number:Temperature”
The items checker tells me that they need to be “Number”

item type must be a ‘Number’ for StuemaxActual
item type must be a ‘Number’ for StuemaxSetTemp

Number:Temperature	StuemaxActual				"Stue temperatur [%.1f]"								(gMAX, gTemperatur, g_stue_tstat)	[ "CurrentTemperature" ]			{channel="max:thermostatplus:LEQ0428648:MEQ1286281:actual_temp"}	
Number:Temperature	StuemaxSetTemp				"Termostat instilling [%.1f]"							(gMAX, g_stue_tstat)				[ "TargetTemperature" ]				{channel="max:thermostatplus:LEQ0428648:MEQ1286281:set_temp"}	

Has this been published yet?

I see have Rollershutter [“Blinds”], Rollershutter [“Curtain”] and Rollershutter [“Shutter”] for window covering. There another name for window covering call Shades do Google api does support that word???

I have deleted several items with the “Scene” tag, but they still appear in the Google Home App and the Google Assistant still accesses them, which results in an error.
I have already deleted OpenHab’s cache, restarted OpenHab and let the Google Assistant synchronize the devices several times. Unfortunately all without success.