OpenWeatherMap widget for HABPanel

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(Andreas) #165

Did you checked the right folder/files structure?

( ) #166

Hi Andreas,

Yes I did. Two times… Including a third check because of the Update…

I’m running openhab on a Synology Ds418.

Maybe this is different…


(Ahnyerkeester) #167

Since it is just two icons, I’ll bet it is a permissions error. Take a look at file permissions for all the icons in the /conf/html/images folder.

( ) #168

I’ll check again. Thanks for hint…


(Daniel N.) #169


5 days forecast for free?

(Andreas) #170

@Nognog … right, but not as day forecast .
It is a 3 hours forecast within 5 days

40 x 3 h = 120 h
120h : 24 = 5 Days

(Daniel N.) #171

ah ok, my mistake :slight_smile:

(Stephan K) #172

Thanks for your work:-)
Is there any change to get the icons from your Wu widget added? :slight_smile:

(Bastiaan van Haastrecht) #173

Are you sure? Those are terrible regarding color and apperance.

But yes it’s possible, yo can fork the code to your likings. Use the ‘icon’ channel for the API icons.

(Stephan K) #174

Yep, I like the “white” Icons :slight_smile: it’s much easier to see the weather from distance as with the new “one” color icons.

Not sure how it will work with the Icon channel?
I tried to add the conditions ID to the API icons *.CSS file, but the icon doesn’t show up.

(Andreas) #175

You can use whatever color you want for the icons …
Use the widget config to set your desired color

(Stephan K) #176

Yep, but I can’t make the sun yellow, clouds white and rain blue … :wink:

(Sebastian Neu) #177

Yes, I prefer the more colored icons too. If there is a way, I would be very grateful!