Options Unavailable in IFTTT

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to get connect my « things » from openhab (blinds control) to IFTTT.

I am connected to myopenhab.org via the uuid and secret and I can (and did) change my blinds state using controls and also via the App on my iphone.
Now that everything works with the cloud connector and that I exposed all topics (and changed the state afterward, I cannot see my items in myopenhab.org main page nor the status change, but I still can control them.

Now trYing to connect to IFTTT, when I allow IFTTT to connect to Openhab, I am still getting Options unavailable.

Does anyone have a clue on what I’m doing wrong?

The option to expose items to 3rd parties has been taken out for the moment because users were exposing ALL their items and this was putting pressure or the servers.
This may be re-instated in the future but probably won’t

I would recommend against IFTTT anyway.


It’s actually working from my previous server, But not from my new one.

I think they only stopped the addition of new IFTTT items?

Yes. If you had some already exposed it should remain so

Oh ok thanks!!

Please tick the solution /answer, thanks

Why recomment against IFTTT? For Security Reasons?

It is sooooooooooooooooooooooo slow…
Sometimes minutes in latency

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I’m using IFTTT as a presence detection and works brilliant every time without fail.
So far I’ve tried other options like iCloud binding, wifi detection but none are as good as IFTTT.
@Kai please let us know the future of this service.
Can we at least have 2 or 3 items exposed and people with 9999 items be limited so new users are not forced to move towards HA?


Have you tried tasker or owntracks?
Tasker has an openhab add-on and reacts instantly. Not like IFTTT which can take up to 5 minutes
Owntracks in integrated into openhab via the GPS tracker binding

IFTTT latency is the worst and you are relying on a cloud…

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Tasker is not available for IOS and Owntracks it’s not reliable (same as iCloud) reporting false locations and that ruins your automations.

Not sure what issues you have with IFTTT but here in UK works every time perfect.

IOS: get a proper phone… :smile:
I have had no issues whatsoever with owntracks since the very beginning
On the other hand I have experience latency time of up to 5 minutes with IFTTT and that is unacceptable and I am also in the UK

The only was to integrate a Ring Doorbell is using ifttt to get instant notifications in openHAB. I only News two items available in ifttt - one dir motion an one for doorbell events. So blocking all Items for News users makes Ring Doorbell useless for openHAB Users.

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You will not get instant notifications with IFTTT, the delay can be up to 5 minutes sometimes, which renders it completely useless for something like openHAB.
Is there a tasker plugin for the Ring Doorbell?

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This is not true - i am getting notifications from my ring instantly over IFTTT. I never had problems with IFTTT delays. The only problem is that openhab does not allow new Items in IFTTT. I had two Items in openhab cloud - one for doorbell and one for motion. I deleted doorbell and wanted to recreate again with a new item - but after many retries i found the info that it is not possible to add items to ifttt anymore. Motion events still work perfectly because i created this item long ago and did not touch it in myopenhab cloud. The new limitation to not be able to add a doorbell item again makes my doorbell usless in my smarthome. My mediaplayer don’t stop playback anymore because there is no way to get the ring doorbell notification to openhab anymore. it is only possible and very reliably with IFTTT. So please allow two or three items in IFTTT for OpenHAB Cloud for every user. Users with lots of items could be blocked when this creates too much load on the openhab cloud. It would help users to avoid useless retries when there was a message that informs about this limitation instead of displaying no items in myopenhab cloud. But i really hope to be able to add my doorbell event again in myopenhab cloud from IFTTT.


If you really need IFFFT, why don‘t you setup your own myopenHAB instance and connect it to the service. Searching this community will give you many advices how to achieve this.

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Can you paste a Link? I am interested too and didn‘t find a post in the community.

Hmm, what about

Can I also integrate for example automate.io?