PaperUI-NG / Beginner's Tutorial

I’m going to close this posting as premature. The wonder work that David has done on the PaperUI-NG is awesome and really goes a long way to show us what is possible. But PaperUI-NG is just one developer’s proposal right now. We need to wait for the establishment of the Architectural Council to review and discuss and decide what direction OH wants to go. Therefore creating documentation for it is premature as what eventually replaced PaperUI-NG may be significantly different. It may also be exactly as presented. We don’t know.

I’m taking this post back from being a wiki to a regular post.

I recommend further discussion and work towards a Beginner’s Tutorial move to @bartus’ postings:

This is a thread to discuss and collaborate on the construction of the docs for PaperUI-NG. The scope for these docs extend beyond just documenting the UI. @David_Graeff’s vision is

That persons first contact with OH will be the website interface instead. I see the responsibility on that interface to teach the user the core concepts of OH and where to find them within the interface.

So not only do we need to cover the UI itself, we need to develop a full Beginner’s Tutorial to include many of the information included in the Concepts section of the current docs.

After installation this will be our first impression to new users. Let’s all work to make it a good one.

I’m going to turn this into a wiki so all can edit directly. Discussion can take place below. We can split it into multiple posts like HABot Walkthrough (1/n): Introduction and Installation and Experimental Next-Gen Rules Engine Documentation 1 of : Introduction as we need to.

For drawings, please use For better or worse, that is the drawing tool selected for OH docs. It saves the drawings in XML so we can source control an editable version of it though which is nice.

@Confectrician, do we have standards we should take into consideration here like image resolutions, color schemes, formats, etc?

Once we get a rough draft, we will move the docs to the appropriate location in github and edit it there.

@bartus, posted what he has been working on in his YT channel at openHAB Basics Tutorial - (Part 1/n) - Introduction

Thanks everyone!

Docs start here


I have added some of the texts and images to Paper UI NG and also experimented with embedded youtube videos. Not covered are Standalone Scripts, Scheduled-Tasks and control interfaces. And Rules is incomplete in that there is no linked YT video nor any images etc.

Cheers, David

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This is correct, there are others like this one, which have also been created as a protoype, but not yet publicly discussed in order to not set any expectations.

We need to wait for the establishment of the Architectural Council to review and discuss and decide what direction OH wants to go.

This has now been done and a decision process has been triggered.