PostUpdate on Group


i would like to postUpdate (but not send a command) on Group of items:

  Group:Switch:OR(ON, OFF) gSocket_3_All "All Office Lights [(%d)]"  <light> (All)
    Switch Socket_3_1 "Table" <light> (GoogleHome, gLight, gSocket, gOfficeRoom, gSocket_3_All) [ "Lighting" ]
    Switch Socket_3_2 "Retro" <light> (GoogleHome, gLight, gSocket, gOfficeRoom, gSocket_3_All) [ "Lighting" ]
    Switch Socket_3_3 "LED" <light> (GoogleHome, gLight, gSocket, gOfficeRoom, gSocket_3_All) [ "Lighting" ]
    Switch Socket_3_4 "Top" <light> (GoogleHome, gLight, gSocket, gOfficeRoom, gSocket_3_All) [ "Lighting" ]

Here a string from my rules:


This string rule do not work.
Maybe there is other syntax for update on group. But i can not find it.

Thanks a lot!

Not sure, but in my installation postUpdate on groups is not working only send.

I use group.send not group.sendCommand (don’t know why, it is working and I don’t want to change my running system), I commented sendCommand out in my rule code and have send in my config, cannot rethink why. Maybe sendCommand was not working too, only send.

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Only sendCommand works for cascading down to group item.
It can be done is a rule:

Because a Group state is some kind of aggregate of its members - OR, SUM, AVG - you cannot update it, even when an aggregate function isn’t given.

It’s difficult to see what the purpose would be, actually. What is it you are trying to achieve ?