Problem Upgrading from Openhabian 3.4.2 to 4.x

I´mm trying to upgrade from Openhabian 3.4.2 to 4.x and using openhabian-config option 03 but I get the message “You are running a too old version of your Operating System.”

what am I doing wrong?

I just found this very helpful post which may help you:


I ran into excactly this problem today. I only wanted to update my OpenHabian 3.x System with the newest fixes and got an unusable Openhabian 4.x with old OS and Java11. Nothing got me back to a working system. I completely recreated a new Openhabian from scratch (flash SD card), did a first initial config of the new system and then restored a OH backup file. I needed to do the restore twice, because of errors in first restore (whyever). I had some hickup saving the old backup file into the new OH backup directory due to access right restrictions on the backup directory. I managed it saving it first to another dir and then ssh in and move it with a sudo command. Hope this helps others to succeed.