Problem with Homekit, Devices not responding after a few hours

After I was able to reconnect the Homekit by using the ClearCache command and removing the ColorTemperature item, now a few hours later all connections flew away again. (Devices do not respond).
I have read some, older, posts but no correct solution found.

Does anyone have a idea?

You can try to disable the private wifi address on your iOS device for the wifi network you use. Worked for me to make the home app more stable and responsive.

Are you using Unifi equipment for Wifi?

Below is a quote I left on the " Homekit bridge to OH3 lost" Topic. It could explain what is happening. I don’t think a fix has been pushed out yet so I believe this issue is still active.

I have avoided editing the configure file and saving it via OpenHab3 UI for nearly 30 days now and I have not lost my Hub or seen unresponsive items in Home App due to the lost Hub.

Just as a note, I have not made any changes to the private wifi address setting. my iPhone is currently running the latest iOS 14.6.

Hopefully this resolves your issues too.

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Same issue here…
Like I mentioned in Homekit bridge to OH3 lost - #27 by Stefan83

Hi Prilin,
could you explain what configuration file you have backed up?
@dirkdirk : No improvement by switching off private wifi address
@dennisvonderbey: No Unifi equipment (AVM FritzBox)

The specific file that was losing data for me, the one I backed up and replaced if I lost the host is located at: (Im running this on MacOS)

“openHAB application”/userdata/jsondb/homekit.json

Here is a picture of the help files for file locations