Problems using DHT22 on the same Openhab Pi

Hi guys,

I’m looking for a solution to attach a dht22 on the same pi to monitor temperature in the cupboard that my media equipment is stored. I currently have a few Sonoff basics connected via mqtt so I know mosquito is working. I’ve tried many tutorials on mqtt and python and trawled the web for tutorials without any success. If anyone can point me in the write direction I’d appreciate it or maybe I’ll just go down the esp route.

I assume you’re getting a value from the DHT and can see it in a terminal?

You’re not posting a lot of detail in where you are having an issue.

Some info to the exec binding for openHAB2.0

And a solution for the DHT22 which can be optimized but works.

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Thanks for the tips. I managed to get it working, thought it was the code but actually it was mosquito that needed a reinstall.