Hi all,

I would like to replace my telekom smart home with an PI 3+ with open hab 2 installed.
I currently use the Telekom home base 2 with Homematic Doors sensors (HM-Sec-SCo), Wall switch (HM-PB-2-WM552) and some Bithome devices e.g. smoke alarm which are connected by zigbee.
I would like to use the PI mainly as an alarm system
My question is:
Could I replace the home base 2 by an raspain with open hab 2 WITHOUT using an HM CCU2 and could I connect the HM and Zigbee devices directly?

  • If yes what hardware (Radio-modules?) do i need to add here to the PI?

Thanks a lot.

Please have a look at this thread regarding the Homematic components: https://community.openhab.org/t/direct-attach-homematic-sensor-hmip-sth

Thanks for your reply. Ok to sum up: Zigbee devices could connect directly to openhab 2, homematic only if a ccu2 is used :wink:

No - you will need to buy a dongle for ZigBee as well…

ok yes I know but I could connect the devices without an gateway (like the ccu)

Yes - I guess it depends on your definition of “gateway” :slight_smile: . The dongle is effectively the gateway.

Sorry if you already knew this, but I see quite a few posts where people just expect to be able to connect directly to OH without ANY interface hardware, and your mail looked like that was your understanding…

Yes I know that i need a technical device/usb dongle which will do the radio connect to the zigbee or homematic device​:slightly_smiling_face: But my dream of an perfect solution were that I will be able to connect devices from different vendors to one Rasbian and OpenHAB without the need to buy (and configure)e.g. an HM CCU. But as I understand the last posts, unfortunately for HM there is a need of an dedicated CCU :frowning:
For Zigbee I have already ordered an USB dongle from Qivicon. Hopefully it will work fine with my Pi 3+ and OpenHAB and of course my zigbee devices/sensors

For HM you can also use the new RPI-RF-MOD module together with your pi.

Okay that means that there is no need of a second PI with OpenHab installed?
Could I use the RPI-RF-MOD and e.g. an Zigbee usb module within one pysical pi?
Thanks a lot.

Hi all,

I have sucessfuly installed both an Zigbee Stick (QIVICON USB ZigBee-Funkstick) and ELV HM-MOD-RPI-PCB (Homematic Radio Interface) with Homegear on one PI 3+

I will describe a bit what I have done, maybe it is usefull for others:

  • The Qivicon Zigbee Stick will be installed first under Linux (Raspianpi) with an cp210x driver. Please note I have used the latest Openhabian Image (1.4.1) on my PI 3+

-> Zigbee USB Stick

  1. add the following lines to /etc/rc.local

    sudo modprobe cp210x vendor=0x10c4 product=0x89fb
    echo 10c4 89fb > /sys/bus/usb-serial/drivers/cp210x/new_id
    sudo stty -F /dev/ttyUSB0 19200
    sudo systemctl restart openhab2.service

This is necessary because my Zigbee Stick is not bind automatically

  1. Install the Zigbee Bindung on Openhab 2
  2. Configure the following (Paper UI -> Configuration -> Things -> Qivicon ZigBee Device (ZigBee USB dongle):


  1. Install Homegear via openhabian-config

  2. do some config. that the HM-MOD-RPI-PCB is working with Homegear please see:

  3. Firmware-Flash of your HM-MOD-RPI-PCB

    sudo su
    apt-get update && apt-get -y install libusb-1.0-0-dev build-essential git
    git clone git://git.zerfleddert.de/hmcfgusb
    cd hmcfgusb
    wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/eq-3/occu/HEAD/firmware/HM-MOD-UART/coprocessor_update.eq3

or refer here:

Thanks all for your help. Please feel free to comment

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I did try to install the QIVICON USB ZigBee-Funkstick, and did follow your guide.

I did insert the code in the rc.local file and then restart my pi
and after restart the QIVICON USB ZigBee-Funkstick did pop up in things, but when i add the USB if will not og online.
Can you help?

018-10-12 20:52:20.059 [me.event.InboxRemovedEvent] - Discovery Result with UID 'zigbee:coordinator_telegesis:1200000D65' has been removed.

2018-10-12 20:52:20.126 [hingStatusInfoChangedEvent] - 'zigbee:coordinator_telegesis:1200000D65' changed from UNINITIALIZED to INITIALIZING

2018-10-12 20:52:20.221 [me.event.ThingUpdatedEvent] - Thing 'zigbee:coordinator_telegesis:1200000D65' has been updated.

2018-10-12 20:52:20.306 [me.event.ThingUpdatedEvent] - Thing 'zigbee:coordinator_telegesis:1200000D65' has been updated.

2018-10-12 20:52:20.389 [me.event.ThingUpdatedEvent] - Thing 'zigbee:coordinator_telegesis:1200000D65' has been updated.

2018-10-12 20:52:20.395 [hingStatusInfoChangedEvent] - 'zigbee:coordinator_telegesis:1200000D65' changed from INITIALIZING to UNKNOWN

2018-10-12 20:52:20.735 [nt.FirmwareStatusInfoEvent] - Firmware status of thing zigbee:coordinator_telegesis:1200000D65 changed to UNKNOWN.

==> /var/log/openhab2/openhab.log <==

2018-10-12 20:52:21.494 [ERROR] [ding.zigbee.handler.ZigBeeSerialPort] - Serial Error: Port /dev/ttyUSB0 in use.

2018-10-12 20:52:21.496 [ERROR] [ngle.telegesis.ZigBeeDongleTelegesis] - Unable to open Telegesis serial port

==> /var/log/openhab2/events.log <==

2018-10-12 20:52:21.569 [hingStatusInfoChangedEvent] - 'zigbee:coordinator_telegesis:1200000D65' changed from UNKNOWN to OFFLINE: Failed to initialize ZigBee transport layer


please type in linux console: dmesg | grep tty
what does it show you?

I have here:

[ 4.418388] usb 1-1.3: cp210x converter now attached to ttyUSB0

Thanks I got it to work
I just took the usb out and in again

Sometimes I have also problems with the zigbee stick, especially after rebooting the system.
In this case a complete shutdown will help.
To be honest…Not really a solution :wink:

Thanks a lot for your instructions. I have been trying to install my Qivicon USB Stick for quite a while. In the documentation it just says, that it shoud work!?!
This is the first real instruction I found. Unfortunately the installation still does not work.

The Stick is not found automatically by openhab, like you reported.

Since I do not completely understand linux, I’m not sure why and where I should add the lines to /etc/rc.local

If a type the commands in the console it says
access denied after echo 10c4 89fb > /sys/bus/usb-serial/drivers/cp210x/new_id

It looks like I cannot change the permission to this file

Can you help?

Hi I have added these lines at top of the /etc/rc.local
Please ensure that you have full rights. I will do this by logging in as root (sudo su)
give it a try…

Thanks a lot. At the top works.

The permission problem is solved with
sudo sh -c “echo 10c4 89fb > /sys/bus/usb-serial/drivers/cp210x/new_id”

This post helped me

Does it work well via the Qivicon stick, now? Do you use the first version or the current one? Do you experience any restrictions or performance problems with it?

Thanks a lot!

Qivicon stick works fine for me. But I have only one device so far (Osram Smart Plug). I just learned that the qivicon apperently does not support Zigbee 3.0.

I always thought that there are many zigbee devices that can be used with the binding. But is very hard to find zigbee devices. Most manufactures want to sell their own connector and often don’t say if the device is zigbee or not.

I am not sure what you mean with version.