Setting up a TV with Google Assistant Integration

Hi everyone,
I saw that it is possible to use ga tags to control a TV with google assistant.
I tried it for my TV but it doesn’t show up in my google home app.

Group TV_LG "LG" { ga="TV" [ volumeDefaultPercentage="20", levelStepSize="10", volumeMaxLevel="100", roomHint="Wohnzimmer"] }
Dimmer   TV_LG_Volume2                    "Lautstärke TV" (TV_LG) ["Point"] { ga="tvVolume" [roomHint="Wohnzimmer"] }

Because this didn’t work I tried it simpler

Group bcd "bcd" { ga="TV" [roomHint="Wohnzimmer"]}
Switch cde "cde" (bcd) { ga="tvPower" [roomHint="Wohnzimmer"]}

But this is also not working.

In the documentation it is described as follows

Group { ga="TV" [ volumeDefaultPercentage="20", levelStepSize="10", volumeMaxLevel="100", transportControlSupportedCommands="NEXT,PREVIOUS,PAUSE,RESUME", availableInputs="hdmi1=xbox,hdmi2=settopbox", availableChannels="1=Channel1=NBC,2=Channel2=CBS" ] }
Switch { ga="tvPower" } as part of TV group (optional)
Switch { ga="tvMute" } as part of TV group (optional)
Dimmer { ga="tvVolume" } as part of TV group (optional)
String { ga="tvChannel" } as part of TV group (optional)
String { ga="tvInput" } as part of TV group (optional)
Player { ga="tvTransport" } as part of TV group (optional)

So I am wondering what I am doing wrong with my config. What I saw in GitHub maybe @michikrug could help as he developed it

Sorry for the confusion. The code is unfortunately not yet deployed and publicly available.

As there is no release process for the documentation, this is already live from the unreleased state.

So please be just a bit more patient until the release is announced.


Ah ok. Thank you for your information. I was wondering because it was merged in october.
So do you have an idea when it will be ready to used? Is the implementation finished and just the deployment is missing? So is it possible to download the latest jar file from somewhere?

Well that is not really correct. The code was merged last week. But yes, the implementation is complete but just not deployed.

There is no jar file as this is not an addon for openhab but an external integration.
There are ways to host you own. Please have a look hat the GitHub repository. GitHub - openhab/openhab-google-assistant: openHAB Google Assistant: Actions on Google for openHAB

The Smart Home Television Guide also shows a trait “AppSelector” for starting apps like Netflix or Youtube. Is this also included in your implementation? Asking because it is not in the example Item configuration…

Oh sorry, you are right. I just checked the commit.
But when it is now merged it should be hopefully available soon. Will it be in the next openhab release ( currently it looks like the releases are at the end of a month) or is it completely different because you mentioned that it is external. Is there a way where I can check if it is now available without hosting it on my own?

To be honest, I think there is currently no way for the user to check what code is released. :confused:

The release for this integration is completely independent from any openHAB release.
We for now completely depend on @MARZIMA to deploy it manually.

But I am working on an automation and actual release flow so that users are more aware of what is when available.

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Not for now.
Would you mind adding a feature request here: Issues · openhab/openhab-google-assistant · GitHub

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I think we will soon deploy. I am waiting to make the announcement. Maybe we do it without @michikrug ?


@MARZIMA was there a deployment? I am not sure for me it looks like the new TV item is still not there

Why is it necessary to wait for something?
Just let people here know that there will be a new version on a date of your choice and tell them the impact and do it! :slight_smile:

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@MARZIMA are there any news?

Now that the new release was announced, is the tv working for anyone? I tried with the simplest setup (just the group and tvPower) and i am not able to turn it on or off

Same for me. No tv for the moment in my google home app