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Thanks for the help. I was just able to update my OH in ‘Container Manager’ (Docker) to 4.0.0 - and it’s working! I was now able to add all my Shelly Plus Plug S without any issues so far.

Again, thanks! Awesome work!

@markus7017 I might discovered a bug or it’s just me again: both Shelly Plus Plug S are not showing the ‘Power Consumption’. Both are returning ‘NULL’ as value. When I analyze the Power Consumption the unit is ‘%unit%’ iso ‘W’.
Both Shelly Plug S are working as expected.

which device, there is no Plug Plug S, we have Shelly Plug-S or Shelly Plus Plug (2nd gen)

Shelly Plus Plug S.

yesterday I updated to OH 4 and was hoping that it would have a rather recent version of the binding. But at first glance it misses channels like the accumulated* ones which are not quite recent actually.
In the binding documentation they are referenced though. I’m not sure why they are missing in the thing (Shelly 3EM)? Is there probably something wrong in my setup or is the 4.0.0 binding not up to date?

While I’m in principle happy to run a DEV build I’m wondering a bit about the update strategy in the official package since the DEV build is quite cumbersome for every minor update.


I just upgraded to OH 4 Major release and have followinf error in openhab.log:

“2023-07-26 11:25:02.693 [WARN ] [core.thing.internal.ThingManagerImpl] - Failed to normalize configuration for thing ‘shelly:shellymotion:bd33ecc15a’: {thing/channel=Type description shelly:vibration for shelly:shellymotion:bd33ecc15a:sensors#vibration not found, although we checked the presence before.}”

I remember that this error was also in my previos version which was probably M4.

How I can correct this ?

The official package should be up-to-date. All PRs have been merged except the Auth Fix for Plus/Pro. Check the README it it lists the Shelly Plus Mini series or Shelly BLU devices.

Option B: It’s a bug we need to investigate. At least there was no intend to remove the accumulated channels, but I made a change to differ between 3EM, Pro 3EM and Pro EM-50, which have different numbers of meters. I need to check with the 3EM.


with the version OH4.0 the thing/item don’t received the target temperature from the Shelly TRV anymore. All other items like battery state or current temperature are not affected.

The target temperature can be changed in OH, the value will transmitted, but changed on the device are not available in OH anymore.

Is that an known issue in the latest OH version or addon version?

I have references to Shelly BLU devices in the README and very sorry for being stupid. The “missing” channels are hidden behind the advanced option. So no issues here.

I have once again the problem where the shellies are not initializing properly.
Only after removing and adding the file multiple times the control channel appears.

Would it be possible to always add the “control” channel if the thing is a *-roller thing?
I think it’s safe to assume that such a thing has a control channel to move the shutter.

Thing   shelly:shellyplus2pm-roller:AAAAAAAAAAAA  "ShellyPlus2PM: Rollladen" @ "Room" [deviceIp="192.168.X.XX"]

Channels after reboot / openhab restart

Channels after removing/adding the file multiple times:

It’s a very annoying bug since 3.3 because I only realize there is an issue when there are shutters which don’t move in the evening.

Hey, i am using a thing file for 2pm+ devices but it is only working if I disable password on the device. are there specific characters not allowed for password? (using special character “!”)

The binding shows it correctly in the web ui of openhab, yet device will not connect and stay red in shelly manager.

edit: never mind, I found the post above mentioning the password option in the binding. Setting the “binding” password to be used with any device works.

Is this a fresh OH 4.0 install?

If not, try to delete the thing and re-discover. Otherwhise, the channel definition in the xml is not updated. I check the official repo and the fix is included.

Did you checked the DEBUG log, this smells like an exception or error on device initialization

I’m just working on this

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I use the standard logging setup and would have expected an error in the normal log.
What’s the name of the logger so I can activate the DEBUG log?

do “log:set DEBUG org.openhab.binding.shelly”
The advanced do has information now logging could be customized

Please check openhab.log if it shows any error / warning / exception

need to check

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Thanks, recreating thing helped.

Hi Markus.
On v4.0.1 I get the following error messages during a restart (binding release build):

2023-07-30 18:12:30.557 [WARN ] [core.thing.internal.ThingManagerImpl] - Channel types or config descriptions for thing 'shelly:shellytrv:60a423dcc376' are missing in the respective registry for more than 120s. In case it does not happen immediately after an upgrade, it should be fixed in the binding.
2023-07-30 18:12:30.562 [WARN ] [core.thing.internal.ThingManagerImpl] - Failed to normalize configuration for thing 'shelly:shellytrv:60a423dcc376': {thing/channel=Type description shelly:deviceSchedule for shelly:shellytrv:60a423dcc376:device#schedule not found, although we checked the presence before.}

not sure what it means. Just wanted to bring this to your attention.