SmartHome/J Viessmann Binding for 4.0.x


does anybody know if the SmartHome/J Viessmann Binding is already working for Openhab 4.0.x?

Short answer: Yes, in a snapshot version ( iaw not in a release version yet).

Long answer:
Set the Settings - JSON Third Party Addons - URLs to

and the SmartHome/J Viessmann Binding will appear under Settings - Bindings - Other Addons.

If you can’t create a thing for the binding, remove and reinstall the binding (at least that worked for me).

Thanks for the information. After changing the path I had to remove and readd the binding. Is there actually a why to trigger an update of an existing binding?

Can’t say anything about a reason. I file an Issue on that.

I’m on vacation right now. Unfortunately, I can only look at it in a few days and analyze and fix the issue

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I checked it, this is not a bug. The README on Github was updated with this hint:

For version changes in openHAB that require a change in the version change (i.e. not only changes of the last number) of SmartHome/J, it is recommended to uninstall the add-ons BEFORE the openHAB upgrade and re-install them afterwards.