SmartThings Button

Does anyone know if this Zigbee SmartThings Button will work with the ZigBee Binding?

It is pretty inexpensive. But if I can, I would like to find out if it should work before I purchase it.

I guess I will just get this since I know it works with the Z-Wave Binding:

Just an update here…

The button is discovered by the Zigbee binging with quite a few channels.

Unfortunately, the behavior doesn’t match that of the new SmartThings app. (single press, double press, long press)

Single press turns on the water alarm switch when it’s off.
Single press does not turn off switch when on.
Double press turns off water alarm switch when on.
Double press does not turn on switch when off.
Long press seems to turn on water alarm switch when off.
Long press does not turn off switch when on.

If anyone wants to explore this more, I am willing to assist. I will just need a bit of coaching. I’m new and working toward dumping SmartThings.

Hey, I have one those, thought I tried and it didn’t work. I’m surprised to see @wpp say it works. I’ll have to look around and try and find it and try again because I know the binding had a lot of work done to it.

Anyhow it is funny because this is the second smartthing thread I’ve seen today. Funny because I have a thread started in hardware section of forum asking about good motion sensors because the second of my two smartthings stopped working. They both still report temp and battery but no motion.
My smartthings door contact sensor died as well, just stopped transmitting anything. Multiple battery out restarts and paper clip poking one meter away from controller and all the kings horses could not bring it back
I also have a v2 hub if anyone wants it, I think it still works but don’t know because unplugged months ago


Welcome aboard Will !!
I’m a former smartthings user and now Linear HUSBZ-1 doggle and openHAB rocking! I’m only about 6 month ahead of you openHAB experience wise. Feel free to ask questions, its a great helpful friendly community

It works!!! I just ran discovery for zigbee binding, had to pop batery out then paper clip pokey pokey a couple times, channels popped up, one click water alarm switch on two clicks water alarm switch off.
Hey I could do something with this. It only worked about two days with smartthings hub

Did anybody get this to work? I have a button and ZigBee stick. Besides plug in the ZigBee stick into USB port and install ZigBee binding do I need to do anything else? I put the battery in the button but it was not discovered. Do I need to get a smartthing hub instead?

I replied in your other thread about zigbee stick. I own a smart things hub, it has been unplugged for months and I personally consider it money wasted.
Also, when I wrote the above reply, I got the button to be discovered and it reported temp for 2 or 3 days and went offline.
Problem with ST stuff seems to me to be running the batteries down quick. They typically send temperature reports once a minute even if it hasn’t changed. Considering how much juice the radio requires to make the transmission, that seems silly. There is no way to adjust the polling frequency and the little buggers seem to sit there and grind themselves into oblivion.
With all that said, I ponied up the $13 for a replacement battery and it did NOT bring my two ST motion sensors back to life. (one started sending temp for a few days but motion didn’t work, then it died again)

@Andrew_Rowe Putting the battery-powered sensors aside, how do you feel about the ST Hub working with Z-Wave devices? I just bought a Z-Wave USB dongle for $60, but the newest ST Hub is on sale for $80 in Canada right now. I’m wondering if it’s better to stick with the dongle or spend another $20 to gain Zigbee support (particuarly since BobRak’s ST binding has been submitted to OH).

I like that the ST sensor are so much cheaper than any others, but that doesn’t make much difference if I’m constantly replacing batteries to keep them working.

if you are asking my opinion, I think the ST sensors are junk. Junk. They are cheap because they are junk. I purchased mine at a big box store who now refuses to honor the warranty (1 year) They all died after 3 - 4 months. New batteries do not revive them. They are junk.
If you want a ST hub, you can have mine…
my Linear HUSBZ1 was $30 and has zigbee and zwave

But how do you REALLY feel? :wink:

I’ll take your advice and look for the Linear HUSBZB-1. Seems a little harder to find in Canada, but I feel like it’s better to have Zigbee available even if I don’t need it right now. Thanks!

got mine off amazon

oh hey, I didn’t catch that and just wanted to say that way back 8 or 10 months ago, when I first discovered OpenHAB, I used BobRak binding and it did work. All the ST stuff worked with my zigbee dongle and eventually died so I didn’t bother continuing to use the binding

Cool. I think I’m just going to stick with the ZWave dongle I’ve already got, instead of tinkering too much with something that’s working. I ordered the Aeotec Multi-Sensor 6 to go with it; I like that it can provide constant updates when you use USB power (plus, no batteries to change).

Huh. I got one of these hoping for the same results… I get all those channels except the ‘water alarm’ channel. No response at all on anything to pressing the button. Wonder why it’s missing for me, this would be a really handy/cheap addition in a few places in my house.

Jim, Welcome to the OpenHAB community!
I have one of these ST buttons and at first it worked as Will indicates, the water alarm was the button click, but not long ago I stuck a new battery in it and could not get the water alarm channel to work, everything else worked, temperature, battery level but the button click would not work. Same with ST motion sensors, bought a new battery, everything worked except motion.
I think, although I’m not sure it is possible, but they might have upgraded the firmware to only work with their hub.
I know they seem inexpensive but please see my comments on these above.

Potentially a regression in the OH’s Zigbee support?


New OH user, switching from Smartthings. I have several of these buttons. Has anyone made them work with OH?

yes… for a day or two
honestly? save yourself some heartache and just thrown them out

Great… Now I have to figure out how to get my Aeotec Wallmote Quad to work with my zigbee lights.

is zwave?