Smoke detector for OH2

Hi all,
yesterday 5 out of 12 smoke detectors failed one after the other with different symptons. Exactly 10 years after I installed them end of January 2009. Could be coincidence - but doesn’t necessarily need to be…

However, the old ones have not been connected to any other system. They were just connected with each other. Now I’m considering to install new smoke detectors that can be integrated into OH2. Do you have any recommendations given the following constraints:

  • must be certified hardware according to EN 14604 - no DIY hardware involved
  • works with OH2 (I already have Homematic integration, but it could also be a different system) so I can trigger rules and notifications based on the state of the smoke detectors
  • a single smoke detector should be as cheap as possible
  • doesn’t matter if it has a 10 year long life battery built in or a changeable battery
  • the system needs to work reliably even without OH2 running (if one detector raises an alarm, all other should also alarm me

Any hints are appreciated!

The search tool is your friend… :slight_smile: