[SOLVED] Heatit z-trm2 anyone tried it in OH2?

Hello again. It seems I forgot this thread.

In the gen 2 there is no channel for setpoint for eco mode (which is what I’m using).

@chris : could you add a channel for energy saving setpoint for Heatit Z-TRM 2 Floor thermostat?


Quickest response ever! Thanks.

When will it be available?

I will do a binding update later today/tonight, so it will definitely be available tomorrow morning.

I added and deleted the thing yesterday, but I didn’t see a new channel.

It also looks a little strange in the database (Energy saving is not with the other thermostat_setpoints, byt under configuration):

That’s correct - it’s implemented as a configuration for some reason that only the manufacturer can comment on.

I also did not see a new channel after deleting and re-discovering/adding the thing.

In other words there are still only two channels for config-params (p setting, 12 and display brightness 20).

Should I be able to find a third one for Energy Saving Mode Setpoint after deleting and re-adding the thing?

The database is definitely updated in Github -:

Are you really sure you have the latest version? If so, please tell me the database reference for your device (listed in the properties) so I can be sure we updated the correct entry as there are quite a few for this device now.

I will check as soon as I get home from work.

How do I check whether or not I have the latest version?
Is there another way of obtaining the latest version than to delete the thing and then add the thing again?

Do a list of the bindings that are installed using Karaf.

You need to actually update the binding as well - have you done that? I noted that above you also said -:

You need to update to the latest snapshot first - if you haven’t done this, then you will just get the same definition as you had previously.

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Haha, yeah, I knew I’d missed one crucial step. I upgraded just now and the channel is there. Thanks!

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Would it be possible to add the channel (set point in ECO mode) also to Z-TRM v1 (TF016) with firmware 1.92?
This would solve my biggest gripe after upgrading (since I could control the set point before).

As a side note, is there some info about the first two channels, what they do?
I found the following info about the first one (switch_binary) in the manual for v2: “Sends Binary Switch Set commands to other devices when the internal relay is switched. It can be used to control other slave relay devices.” Do I interpret this correctly that this is a read-only value, i.e. that it does not make sense to change it from OH?
As for the second channel (sensor_binary)? OH shows its values as Triggered/Untriggered, but I have not seen Untriggered yet. Is this also only some kind of indicator?

Be careful! I got an actual Heatit Z-TRM 2 and a lot of paramters changed. Profile zwave:thermofloor_ztrm2_02_006 doesn’t really work anymore.

There are three Setpoint-Temperatures now (comfort, eco and cooling), Parameter20 ist not the display anymore, parameter 12 is not the P Setting anymore.

It’s called Heatit Z TRM2x now and has Firmware 3.4

Is that allready done in latest database Update?

You may check yourself:


I didn t knew that function, thanks.

Looks good. Now i only have to get that db Version on my ubuntu :slight_smile:

I’m unfamiliar with a device ‘Profile’.

Is Z-TRM2 database broken if I do a SNAPSHOT apt-get upgrade?

Just did an upgrade to 2.5.0-SNAPSHOT Build #1502, and my Z-TRM2s looks fine.

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I checked the snapshot too.

Device is identifizied correct, Parameters are fine.

But there are problems with the channels.

Some of them are double with Same values, others had been working with older Profile missed now.

Except switch, Temperature2 and three: the Rest is Shown double.

Set_points for cooling, heating and ecoheating don‘t get new values when changed at Device.

Don’t know of there are further now missed.

Please don’t post the same message in two places -:

Sorry for that. I m new and actualy searching for right place to post :wink: should have delete it here after found better thread

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