[SOLVED] How to integrate a ip camera in habpanel

(tobias) #1

hey community,

i am currently having a few problems with including the current picture of my ip camera in my openhab habpanel.

the camera sends the current picture responding of the follwing request:

I tried to include the picture using several ways, for example as a template in the openhab with the following html template:

<div style="height: 610px">
  <div uib-carousel active="0" interval="5000" no-wrap="false">
    <div uib-slide index="0" ng-init="model1 = { 'url':'http://username:password@my_ip_addr/record/current.jpg', 'refresh': 1 }">
      <widget-image ng-model="model1" style="margin:auto;"/>

its a part of a carousel where i want all my ip cameras to show but i dont get the picture displayed, only a icon like “picture not found” is displayed… is there a other maybe better way to include a ip camera picture?

cheers, tobi

(Lucky) #2

Here, fresh from the oven

(tobias) #3

yes!!! that’s what i need, thank you !

(Olivier Leplus) #4

I just receivec my Aqara Smart IP Camera.
How did you find the url of the current picture of your camera?

(Igor) #5

By default all Xiaomi (Aqara, Dafang, etc,) cameras accessible only via Mi Home application. Only with alternative firmware you can get picture from them…

(Olivier Leplus) #6

Oh…, that’s very unfortunate that they don’t implement any streaming standard
Well, next time I buy a product, I should check that before I guess :confused:
Thanks for the information.

(tobias) #7

sorry i do Not have an aqara camera so it might be different. maybe you can try enter this url to Access the help of your Cam (works at my mobotix camera):

Cheers, tobi

(Lucky) #8

@OlivierFr next time u look for a camera, get one with onvif support

(Alan Fenwick) #9

How does that help please?
My sannce cameras are fully onvif - how do I integrate an onvif stream in Habpanel?

(Zachary Christiansen) #10

So is there any way to have this rotate through multiple cameras? I have a “Screensaver” dashboard that i would like to have rotate between several feeds. I can have them display individually but on the small tablet together you can’t see the views very well so i would prefer to have it cycle through the feeds.

Any ideas?

(Tlava) #11

How so I install it to my openhab?