[SOLVED] How to integrate a ip camera in habpanel

hey community,

i am currently having a few problems with including the current picture of my ip camera in my openhab habpanel.

the camera sends the current picture responding of the follwing request:

I tried to include the picture using several ways, for example as a template in the openhab with the following html template:

<div style="height: 610px">
  <div uib-carousel active="0" interval="5000" no-wrap="false">
    <div uib-slide index="0" ng-init="model1 = { 'url':'http://username:password@my_ip_addr/record/current.jpg', 'refresh': 1 }">
      <widget-image ng-model="model1" style="margin:auto;"/>

its a part of a carousel where i want all my ip cameras to show but i dont get the picture displayed, only a icon like “picture not found” is displayed… is there a other maybe better way to include a ip camera picture?

cheers, tobi

Here, fresh from the oven


yes!!! that’s what i need, thank you !

I just receivec my Aqara Smart IP Camera.
How did you find the url of the current picture of your camera?

By default all Xiaomi (Aqara, Dafang, etc,) cameras accessible only via Mi Home application. Only with alternative firmware you can get picture from them…

Oh…, that’s very unfortunate that they don’t implement any streaming standard
Well, next time I buy a product, I should check that before I guess :confused:
Thanks for the information.

sorry i do Not have an aqara camera so it might be different. maybe you can try enter this url to Access the help of your Cam (works at my mobotix camera):

Cheers, tobi

@OlivierFr next time u look for a camera, get one with onvif support

How does that help please?
My sannce cameras are fully onvif - how do I integrate an onvif stream in Habpanel?

So is there any way to have this rotate through multiple cameras? I have a “Screensaver” dashboard that i would like to have rotate between several feeds. I can have them display individually but on the small tablet together you can’t see the views very well so i would prefer to have it cycle through the feeds.

Any ideas?

How so I install it to my openhab?