[SOLVED] MAP service starts too late at OH startup

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I’m putting this here because I thing it should match. My issue is based on persistence and service start for mapping.

OH: latest stable version 2.4

Issue: When I start/restart OH I got tons of error messages like the one below (just one example). I tried cleaning cache and deleted contents from ‘var/lib/openhab2/cache/’ and 'var/lib/openhab2/tmp/’ but nothing helped. It seems to me that MAP service is started too late, because later on I have no similar problems any more.

I also checked forum entries like those:
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but I could not get any further information to solve my problem. Any help is appreciated.

2019-05-30 10:59:51.473 [WARN ] [rest.core.item.EnrichedItemDTOMapper] - Failed transforming the state 'NULL' on item 'EG_EssenWohnen_Anwesenheit' with pattern 'MAP(anwesenheit.map):%s': Couldn't transform value because transformation service of type 'MAP' is not available.

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openHAB 2.4 isn’t particularly clever about managing the order of starting up various services. Often this manifests as rules running before Items defined etc., but it seems likely your observation is the same kind of issue.

While there are hopefully proper fixes in the future, you can find a workaround “delayed rules load” here

It’s worth taking a harder look at the source of your warnings - they may come from use of MAP in bindings/channels etc. The “rules” fix won’t address those; but maybe if this is happening before rules load you don’t care much anyway and it’s just a nuisance report?

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thank you for your quick response and this helpful link. This helped me with my MAP issue, even though it is just a workaround (because only rules are loaded later which take might eat up a lot of startup time).

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Interesting to find another symptom of same illness.