[SOLVED] PaperUI keeps crashing

When I updated to Build #951 this weekend, PaperUI kept crashing and I could not access all rooms under Control. I then tried to uninstall and reinstall PaperUI. Now I have the (new?) blue instead of orange look, but still the same symptoms on both Safari and Chrome on iOS. Plus the entry for PaperUI is missing unter /start/index.
An update to #952 didn’t improve this.
Anybody experiencing the same?

I had the same on S922 and S947 but an upgrade fixed that (for me)
Try the following: stop OH2, clean /varlib/openhab2/tmp/ and /varlib/openhab2/cache/ dirs and start OH2 to see if things improve.

That’s part of my “post-upgrade” script.
After installing the latest build today, PaperUI still crashing (orange again), rollershutter rules not working anymore…:confused:

debug time then… increase the log levels and try to identify the culprit…
it could be anything… from an OH2 issue to a misconfigured item…

Solved after installing Build #1003