[SOLVED] Pioneer AVR Binding for SC-LX501 (2017 model)


does anyone know if this Pioneer model (or similar models from 2017) is supported at all, or is anyone working on future support for 2017 models?


Any help is highly appreciated.




There was a fusion of Pioneer and Onkyo in 2015. Please try the Onkyo Binding.

See also this topic:

Thanks, that helps

The Pioneer SC-LX501 works as Network enabled Onkyo AV Receivers with the Onkyo Binding.

IP Adress set, no port#

I can see now 4 channels for each zone:

  • Power
  • Volume
  • Input Channel
  • Mute

Will play around with this

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Please tick the “Solution” square, if it’s running now!. Maybe others will find this helpful, too! Thanks!