[SOLVED] Set Color via Node-Red

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How to set HSB Color via an openhab2-out node in Node-Red?

I tried an object as i get with the -in node, i tried an array, i tried an string (“125, 125, 100”)- all i get is a http 400 error.
If i only set a numeric value the LED’s are dimmed as expected. OFF/ON works to.

Side question - which of the various node-red-contrib plugins for openhab2.5 should be used?



I think you’re on the right lines.

All I do is to create a UI panel with a Colorpicker and a dummy, assigned to the same Colour Item.

Then I simply copy whatever the Dummy widget shows into the NodeRed payload.

For example

This value would be


Without any quotes, assigned as a String

As for node version, I tend to use this one.
I believe it has a few more options, like an generic Events node, which I use to capture Trigger Channels in a Function node.

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Thanks - got it working now.

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