[SOLVED] Wall Switch status on Openhab

Hi All,

Currently i am doing home automation and my schematic as follow.


I need your help. Is there any way to get status of wall switch on Openhab2.

I have researched a lot but i have not found solution for this.

I’m sorry to be blunt…

“That will never meet your expectations”

Consider removing the mechanical switch completely and use a smart switch instead.


Smart switch/es signal your house controller. (Thus giving you a status)

House controller signals the relay that is actually switching power to the light / fixture.

Golden rule is…

“Only one physical device should switch power”

Good luck.

A quick search found this thread about smart buttons, this isn’t a recommendation, just a suggestion of things to think about.

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I’d say the same a @MDAR, but a bit differently.

Move the smartswitch to the actual wallswitch. By uisng something like a Shelly1, the smatswitch migth be placed inside the wall behind the actual Switch and the actual Switch could (possibly) wired to make it hardware-trigger the smartswitch.


Yes, but you need more or different hardware. So that OH can find out the on/off state of the light.

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As @rossko57 suggested this is very possible, with some help from the community I managed it and it works very well with 8 lighting circuits. I am guessing the reason you want to keep the wall switches is in case the system goes down or someone else does not know how to operate the system, also when you have guests they just use the wall switches as normal.
When I rewired my home (I am a registered Electrician before anyone starts! :wink: I added a control wire back to the switchboard for relay controls, then used the spare 2 way contact on the light switch the same as you would with 2 way lighting.
So your case for one light is a bit different but possible to do. You are going to need a way of sensing when the light is physically on or off. This can be done either with a Current Transformer (CT Coil) or maybe a Light Dependant Resistor (LDR) circuit. But you will without doubt need a sensor and some type of microprocessor circuit to sense the light change and send back the information to Openhab. Have a look at the thread and see how its done.

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