[SOLVED] Zooz ZSE18 Sensor Woes

I currently have 2 OH installations. One on 2.5M3 on a Pi that has been working reliably. and a new one running 2.5M4, each with their own z-wave sticks. I am trying to test mainly on the known system first before migrating.

I have a new ZSE18 ( my first) that appears to be discovered but never shows battery level or triggers an item.
I notice these unusual logs when adding the mode. It does not seem to request NIF but uses static values?? Also, no xml file is generated, evn after sitting overnight on USB power.

2019-10-20 05:57:04.962 [hingStatusInfoChangedEvent] - 'zwave:device:16b83f77166:node23' changed from ONLINE to ONLINE: Node initialising: ENDPOINTS

2019-10-20 05:57:04.970 [hingStatusInfoChangedEvent] - 'zwave:device:16b83f77166:node23' changed from ONLINE: Node initialising: ENDPOINTS to ONLINE: Node initialising: UPDATE_DATABASE

2019-10-20 05:57:05.028 [hingStatusInfoChangedEvent] - 'zwave:device:16b83f77166:node23' changed from ONLINE: Node initialising: UPDATE_DATABASE to ONLINE: Node initialising: STATIC_VALUES

DEBUG log on binding startup Node 23 is the problem child.

zwave.log (771.9 KB)

OpenHAB logging seems to be stuck on DEBUG for zwave :frowning:

I think the unit may be defective. I see this in the logs.

2019-10-20 11:07:08.516 [DEBUG] [rg.openhab.binding.zwave.handler.ZWaveThingHandler] - NODE 23: Polling...
2019-10-20 11:07:08.518 [DEBUG] [rg.openhab.binding.zwave.handler.ZWaveThingHandler] - NODE 23: Polling deferred until initialisation complete

Hey Bruce
if you get one of these motion sensors working, I’d be curious how well it works. Feel free to add your answers to the OpenHAB friendly motion sensor thread so not to clutter this thead
What is most important to know is how quickly does it reset? Older model had a non-configurable ‘time out’ where the sensor would not report new motion. It was also sluggish reporting initial motion. That made it pretty useless for real time lighting. Anyhow, price looks real good!

OK. I already have contact with Zooz and their Z-Wave store https://www.thesmartesthouse.com/ . They are adding OpenHAB as tested to their listings.
They actually sent me 2 sample devices to complete our database.They have promised to send me any new Zooz devices on the day of release so we can support them.

The first switch I bought from them developed a mechanical issue quickly. They replaced it with a tested unit which has worked wonderfully.

I was surprised this sensor is priced near the cost of the cheap Chinese ones I have now.

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A lot has happened. I received the replacement sensor and initially had similar issues. Apparently there is a different inclusion method for USB power to keep the device awake. I will update the database later.
The device was discovered fully & operational but I want to use it battery powered. It appears to me the binding gets :hung" requesting VERSION here for NODE 11. I tried healing the device as an indication if discovery was complete.

Here is the debug log.

It it would be helpful I could try posting a debug log for the successful USB powered mode.

EDIT: Perhaps the device AWAKE time is too short?

EDIT2: I think the docs for wakeup are wrong They say log press on button but 3 rspid presses actually works. IAfter may attepts & watching the logs it is now discovered complete with xml file.

Just an idea here to help discover battery devices. Would it make sense for the binding to periodically send a NOP to keep the device awake until discovery is complete? If so, I can file an issue on GitHub.

If you want to use it on batteries, then almost certainly you will need to include it using batteries. The controller only reads flags such as the LISTENING flag during the initial inclusion, and if this flag does no reflect the power in the device, then it will really not work well at all as the binding will not know that the device is sleeping.

I now have it running on batteries.
Do you think adding NOPs to the discovery could simplify discovery of battery nodes?

Ok, so you’ve reset it and re-included it?

No. Why do you think that?

If the device is asleep, the NOP will simply timeout. This will hang up the binding while it waits for the response which will not arrive if the device is asleep.

I was hoping the NOP would keep it awake. The wakeup instructions in the manual are wrong. Looking at our logs I found a triple click works, not holding the button for 5 seconds. The LED seems to keep blinking until the button is pressed again though.

Zooz is sending me 2 wall switches to update our database. At least one will be a new entry since they added Scene support.
Do you have a good link explaining Z-Wave Scenes?

If it’s asleep, it will not keep it awake. If it’s awake, then there should be other things to send to it. If there is nothing else to send, then it should sleep.

Why would you just want to keep it awake forever?

Not really - they are pretty simple. It just sends a scene number and a keypress type if I remember correctly. Normally this is documented in the device manual.

Just keep it awake during discovery. I seem to recall some devices claiming to keep awake for 5 minutes during inclusion to permit initial discovery.

On a side note, I needed to shutdown my VM & remove the stick to put it on windows to kill a “stuck” zombie mode because of all this. O could not get OpenZWave Control Panel to communicate properly with the controller. The software us apparently currently abandoned on GitHub.

Why though? And for how long? I’m not really with you - sorry.

To permit discovery to complete without the “song and dance” of continually waking up the device & guessing when discovery is complete. I noticed in the logs it says discovery was complete before t actually was. That is why I kept trying device heal.

But as I already said -:

It’s not possible to just keep a device awake - a device will sleep by itself if it doesn’t receive anything. It’s extremely complex - if you only had a single device on the network, then this would work fine, but for most of us, that’s not the case - there are other devices that have to be serviced, and some commands take many seconds to complete, and device will therefore go to sleep.

Strange. But even if that is the case - how does sending a NOP help? If the binding thinks the discovery is complete, then what is it now using to decide that it needs to keep the device awake (even if it was possible to keep it awake, which it is not).

There should probably be some sort of log entry, preferably INFO to indicate device discovery is complete. Ideally, there would be entries documenting exactly the status of the discovery process.
I interpreted this to mean discovery as complete.

2019-10-26 06:09:49.914 [DEBUG] [ding.zwave.handler.ZWaveThingHandler] - NODE 11: Device initialisation complete.

There is already a debug log showing this.

You are saying that the device discovery is saying it is complete and it’s not, so the only way to find out what is happening is to look at DEBUG logging.

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I don’t know where in the community I can ask this, but I figured since this was the lastest mention of Zoo I would post it here. I have an extra USB Zooz usb stick. Can I use it as a range extender? I was thinking that I could put it in remote part of my house and the range would be expanded, this way I would never need to buy a z-wave range extender. Does anybody know if this is possible?

Do you have another system to put it in? I think it could be set up as a secondary controller but I have not done that.
@sihui or 5iver may know. .Our main developer is away on vacation.
I have found Zooz support to be very helpful but they have just started listing OpenHAB as compatible with their devices. They plan on helping us support new devices as they are released too.

Sometimes it is just easiest to buy an outlet like the ZEN06 or ZEN25. The 2-pack of ZEN07 is slightly less expensive per unit.


I accidentally purchased the usb bridge, forgetting that I ordered the aerotec. I forgot to take it out of my shopping cart at thesmartesthome.com. Instead of selling it, I was trying to find a use for it. I have many z-wave devices, but I’m unsure if a 2nd zone controller is really beneficial. I’m unsure if it works any better. I guess you could use one on one side of a house and another on the other or you could you use one for sensors and the other one for switches. I’m unsure how I would go about doing it, but I figured it could be done.