Step by step guide on how to setup OpenHAB 1.7.1 on Ubuntu LTS

Since I needed to redo my OpenHAB install, I decided to document it using a gist:

It’s a lot of information that is mostly on the wiki. But all in one place and in a logical order.
I’m aware that it is specific for my setup, but why not share it anyway.

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Great info and thanks for sharing it. Perhaps you could add a link to an examples wiki page so others could more easily find your work, or find/create an appropriate wiki page to copy your gist and refine your instructions? (Just a thought.)

Reading through it, I see you want to enable encryption for mosquitto (and port forward 8883 instead of 1883). Here is the link I used on the Raspberry Pi that probably translates fairly closely to Ubuntu.

Thank @watou, I spend my whole evening getting TLS to work on Mosquitto.
It seems to be working now, but I have to check some things before I can add it to the gist.

I’m going to make a link on the wiki, I don’t think it’s a good idea to actually add it to the wiki, since most of the info comes from it and we might end up creating more confusion.

Glad you got TLS working! Your gist will certainly help other Ubuntu users down the road.

I ended up putting the whole thing on the wiki:

And removed a few parts more specific to my own config.
I’ll try and refine it a bit more.

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That’s great to share your setup experience. Thanks (from one user to another)!

hi, can somebody please tell how to install OH 1.7.1 on my rasberry? where to find it and how to download it?

Please see the wiki. I recommend using the “apt-get” approach.

Thanks for the answer, Wiki in my opinion is a general guide which suppose that you have to know some other settings that needs to be done but finally this is not so important.
On the end I managed to install it and now is up and running … :wink:

A bit late, but there is a post on the forum linked to an article about installing OpenHAB on a Pi:

Thanks for the answer, i followed this tutorial here here and i got it working. The question was that if i downloaded the right version because this tutorial shows how to install the 1.7.0 OH version and i wanted the 1.7.1 version and so i replaced in all sentences the 1.7.0 with 1.7.1 like this:

sudo wget