Support for Hörmann garage doors

I’m planning on buying a Hörmann garage door. They have a proprietary wireless remote control system called BiSecur. They even have mobile apps. For security and convenience I don’t want to change this for a different protocol like Z-wave.

Does anyone have any experience with connecting Hörmann and BiSecur to openHAB?

Documentation in english can be obtained from their U.K. website:

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I own a Hörmann garage door (BiSecure) and I’m also thinking about, how to connect it to OH2.
Of course I would like to open and close the garage door from OH2. But it would also be nice to get the status from the garage door and show it in OH2.

There is a universal circuit board Hörmann UAP1.
Maybe it is possible to use this together with a Fibaro FGRM-222 to get it connected.

I’m not an electrician, so I don’t know if it is possible.
Does anybody know?

I own a Hörmann BiSecur garage door opener (without the gateway) and have it connected to openHAB2 the easy way:

A relay is connected via wire to the manual input of the garage door opener (where you can also connect key remotes or manual indoor switches or whatever). The relay is controlled via openHAB.
In addition to that I have two micro switches (you may also use reed switches) which give me a signal when the door is in the open or closed position.

You could use existing hardware for the relay or may buy new stuff. I’m using hardware from Tinkerforge, but as always: openHAB is open for so many different hardware approaches that the right choice should not be a problem at all.

And: I’m pretty sure there is no way to connect the Hörmann via BiSecur directly to openHAB.

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I don’t know, if this is an option, but do you know Garadget:

It’s an extension for existing garage door systems and can be connected to OH (there is an existing binding, just have a look in this forum).

I’m not too much into hardware. What exactly is the use of a relay?

It’s an electrically operated switch:

You can think of it like a manual switch, but you don’t push it via your finger, but via an electrical pulse (which then comes from openHAB).
Take a look at
Page 41, section 3.5.2 Connecting external IMPULSE buttons to start or stop door travel cycles
That is the connector where you attach the relay.
You just need to find a relay (wired or radio) which suits your needs.
Overall it is the cheapest way to connect a Hörmann to openHAB …

That sounds good.
How do you connect the relay to openHAB?
I could not connect it by wire, because garage and house are two different buildings.
Would this be possible with Fibaro FGRM-222? Or can Fibaro FGRM-222 work as a relay and be directly to the garage door opener?

@jaydee73 I will have a look to garadget.

In my case it is wired (although you can use Tinkerforge with radio or wifi), but you may use whatever technology you want (or already have implemented).

I’m pretty sure that is not the case. But the “normal” relay switches should work:
According to the FAQ you can use the output potential free:

7. Can I control non-potential output by the Relay Switch module?
Yes, you can – the relay is volt free by default.

So you will need supply voltage 110-240V AC (50/60Hz) for the relay.
But take extreme care: don’t connect any voltage to the inputs of the Hörmann garage door opener, you will destroy it!!! It’s a potential free input.

@jaydee73 This seems to be a good solution, even because it provides status information.

If I want to create a wireless solution only using z-wave-devices, which I would prefer because of my existing z-wave-network, going this way would mean: To get status-informations two Door Sensors would be necessary. One to get a real OPEN status and the other one to get a real CLOSED-status. (Because sometimes my garage door opener fails and door is not fully closed or open.) This is not the best solution for me either

Hhmm…? I have to think about it. Thanks.

Almost: if you are still looking for a Garadget z-wave alternative, you could use a Fibaro Double Relay Switch.
Garage door Open/Close is connected to IN and Q1 and will be switched with S1, connect a micro switch or reed contact to S2 and it will give you an output on Q2. But: You will only have one state: Garage open or Garage closed, not open and closed, at least not physically (maybe the closed position is the more important one).

Edit: I’m not sure if S2 will react on a non voltage input from a micro switch or only on an input on the voltage supply level. And it is not a good idea to switch high volts just for getting a garage door open/close state. So you might be better suited with @jaydee73 's idea …

Did anyone connect a Hormann garage door to openhab?

Yes, see above, just connect a relay to the external inputs.

Not yet, but I tried this way:
I bought a Hörmann Universalplatine UAP1 and a Fibaro RGBW controller and set it up like this:

I tried various wire connection options and controller settings. Sometimes it worked to to open and close the garage and sometimes I was able to get opened / closed status information. So in general, it should work.
But in the end, everything together did not work properly.
I gave up, because I could not properly configure the RGBW controller. Or did I have a wrong wire connection? Probably my fault, but that’s why I’m not using it now. (Didn’t have time yet to try again.)

But I still think it must be possible that way. (Sorry, german links.)

Good luck and please let me know, how you ended up.

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These solutions seem to be work around were another controller was used to control a Hörmann garage door. not really a “Hörmann garage door” thing or item.
Which worries me. yes with a relay it’s possible to open and close, that should be then based on time like with rollershutters. which is something that is feasable also with an anel hut, yet then there is no way to know if the door is shut or not. nor does it has a safety feature to stop closing when the door notices danger.

I have this:

And it works perfect. You can control your garage door with knx, directly - no need for the uap1 adapterplatine.

Ok, you need to have a knx installation…

You get every state of the garagedoor. The biggest hörmann-opener (Hörmann SupraMatic E Garagentorantrieb Serie 3 BiSecur) has already built in sensors for the states open/closed/move.

I don’t know which Hörmann you own, but my device just reverses direction on every click on the button (either openHAB switch or Hörmann external switch or Hörmann remote).

Two little micro switches which make contact on open or closed state do the job for me.

That is a general problem when opening or closing a door remotely without watching it. One should never do that :grinning:

I don’t know which Hörmann you own,
I don’t own one yet, I’m trying to figure out what garage door to buy with the new garage we are building.
Two little micro switches
Say more what switches you are talking about?

That is a general problem when opening or closing a door remotely without watching it. One >should never do that
I disagree, a device should be safe by design.

It can be safe when we push the button and then a kid or a pet or anything can happen to make it no longer safe, with a good design we should be able to stop a garage door from closing.

I would recommend to buy the hörmann supramatic series 3 door engine (is “engine” the right word for this?).

There are already built in sensors for open/close and you can send a command up or down directly, not only a pushbutton without knowing, which direction will be next, when you don´t see the door.

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You could use Zwave relays along with Zwave sensors to monitor the up and down position.

Very Simple…

Check out how I set this up at my home.


Sorry I have no zwave in my setup.

  1. The passive house we have , gives wireless setup problems
  2. the garage is not in the house, it will be a seperate building, there will be a UTP connection, and electricity.