Synology rt2600ac+aeon z-stick gen5

This will be my first attempt in home automation and indeed my first post on this forum so bare with me.

I currently planing to have a synology rt2600ac router +aeon z-stick gen + 3 z-wave sensative strips on the doors to the outside of the house.

I can see that openhab has support for synology diskstations but what about synology routers are they supported?

Thx in advance

I don’t think so.

A NAS box is usually a powerful linux host can run several addon apps (like web server, docker, etc)
A Router has a simple operating system that can only do limited stuff


Synology router manager seems to be, at least on the surface, very similar to synology disc manager. Hardware vise it has a Dual core 1.7 GHz and 512 MB DDR3 would this not put it on par with say the rasberry pi ?

Perhaps its to much to ask to make it both be a router and run openhab on the same time.

You are not wrong… (although the router will consume some of the specs for networking tasks)
but… if you can find a way to run Java on the SRM… then maybe openHAB would run on it :slight_smile:

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Its all theory right now. I will check with synology before I make any purchase.

I’d be hesitant to run on a machine with that little RAM. I’d want at least 1 gig to run OH plus everything else.

The CPU you quote is more than the original Pi and the RAM matches the original Pi, but OH just barely runs on the original Pi and is really not suitable for a production deployment of OH.

The Pi 2 has 1 gig RAM and almost half the CPU and runs OH quite well. But I know from personal experience that OH is a memory hog.

You could give it a try but I wouldn’t be surprised if you ran into problems trying to run on a machine with that little RAM AND still have that machine do the job it was created to do.

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I think that a major blocking issue is that I don’t see how you would install a Java Runtime Environment on the Synology Router operating system… maybe there is a way (I couldn’t find anything on google). Then another challenge would be to have openHAB packaged (?) for this platform.

Anyway, since NAS boxes are almost a must in every home installation (I also have one to store my pictures, videos, etc), I would recommend investing in one of those and running OH2 on it.

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Tank you Rich and Dim you make Good points. Could you recomend a cheap nas that can run openhab?

Hi Björn,

I don’t have in mind a specific model. I believe that most modern models will work fine.
I have seen openHAB2 running on NAS boxes from 2 manufacturers: QNAP & Synology

Synology related stuff: & Synology DiskStation

QNAP: & openHAB installation on QNAP

there are more threads in the forum with support for these 2 platforms.